Mini 2017 Calendar Printable for Bullet Journals – Watercolor Designs

2017 Mini Calendar for Bullet Journals - Watercolor theme - By Press Print Party!

Start your year off right and paste this vibrantĀ 2017 watercolor mini 2017 calendar printable in your bullet journal or planner.

An at-a-glance calendar is an essential part of keeping my busy life in order but I sure would prefer looking at a pretty one.

If you start your new year with a new notebook, you could paste it on the front, or if like me you like to continue the next year in the same journal, it will fit on any page.

The calendar dimensions are 5″ x7″, which will fit in most notebooks. I personally use the very popular Leuchtturm 1917 and have designed all my Bullet Journals’ printables to fit it perfectly.

This mini calendar is one of a set of 2017 Bullet Journal 2017 printables including a full grid monthly 2017 calendar and a daily task tracker, all in a complimentary watercolor design.

Take a closer look at the 2017 calendar set:

Check out my other blog posts of each element separately to take a peek at each’s month’s watercolor design.

2017 Calendar Set blog post

2017 Daily Task Tracker blog post

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The 2017 watercolor grid 2017 calendar is available my Etsy shop for only $4.95. The 2017 mini at-a-glance 2017 calendar is only $1.50 and the 2017 daily task tracker is $4.95. Save money and get the whole set for only $9.95.

Check out the whole set of 2017 watercolor 2017 calendars and bullet journal printables in my Etsy shop.

2017 Calendar Printable set for Bullet Journals - Vibrant Watercolors - By Press Print Party! Complete with daily task traker and mini at-a-glance calendar

If you’re wondering about the purple pen in the photo it’s a Staedtler Triplus Fineliner. I’ve officially dubbed it “The Most Awesome Pen Around”.

2017 Mini Calendar for Bullet Journals - Watercolor theme - By Press Print Party!

2017 Daily Task Tracker for Bullet Journals - Watercolors - by Press Print Party!

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