3 Exclusive Bullet Journal Calendar Printable Designs for 2022

Update: This post is about the 2022 calendars but the 2023 calendars are in the shop now. This post will be updated soon.

Get organized and save time by using a printable bullet journal calendar each month.

You can stop spending your time drawing a new monthly calendar and habit tracker in your Bullet Journal every month! You can print and paste one that fits your style.

With 3 printable calendar designs for bullet journals to choose from, there’s sure to be one to fit your taste.

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Calendar Review 1 I love them. I printed the January on sticker paper and put it right in my Bujo. Saved me so much time. Now I don't have to measure and put lines in etc. Thanks.

No more blank pages, endless use of washi tape, and midnight internet search trying to find the best calendar spread to draw at the end of the month.

Although I like to doodle, I’d consider myself a minimalist bullet journal user. Meaning that my journal is not full of pretty things but mostly to do lists and bullet points.

But I still NEED a monthly calendar page! That’s why I created these.

All the pages are perfectly sized to fit in your A5 journal (like a Leuchtturm1917) but you can also print them full-page and use them in your household binder if you’d like.

3 Bullet Journal Calendar designs to fit your style

Each exclusive calendar style comes with a monthly calendar, a one-page mini calendar, and a monthly habit tracker.

Check out our Calendar printables

The watercolor design calendars are full of bright colors and gorgeous watercolors for each month.

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I’ve noticed that Bullet Journaling enthusiasts love to color mandalas in their journals. So I’ve created this calendar with a new mandala to color each month.

bullet journal calendars adult coloring calendar pages monthly calendar, daily tracker, goals, yearly calendar. mandala press print party

I love the fact that each calendar will have the personality of its owner by the colors and the coloring pattern they choose. You can, of course, always leave it black and white, which I find super elegant.

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Naturally, I used my favorite Stabilo pens for coloring for which I made a pen holder to go around my bujo.

I talk about these amazing pens and the bullet journal method in my 5 Essentials to Start Your Bullet Journal the Right Way blog post.

Calendar Review 2 Press Print Party, your designs are some of the prettiest on the internet! They add a touch of the lovely to my journal and my day.

The 3rd design is new for 2022 and was a customer request. It’s another coloring calendar with a different adult coloring page for each month.

You’re sure to end up with a colorful calendar layout and a themed spread every month. It’s a great way to express yourself and relieve stress.

bullet journal calendars adult coloring calendar pages monthly calendar, daily tracker, goals, yearly calendar press print party

Also Available in Monday Start

The printable bullet journal calendars come in either Sunday start for the U.S. or Monday start for all my European customers.

MONDAY Start 2022 Printable Calendar Template Set, Watercolor design, Bullet Journal Printable, Monthly and Daily Routine, INSTANT DOWNLOAD press print party

The essential Monthly Calendar

Each set comes with a monthly calendar to paste at the beginning of each month. They are perfectly sized for the A5 planners but also can be printed full page size for the three-ring binder users.

MONDAY Start 2021-2022 Monthly Calendar Printable, Monthly Planner Template, Adult Coloring Pages, Bullet Journal, INSTANT DOWNLOAD press print party

To use in the Bullet Journal, just paste it over 2 pages. The calendar is perfectly sized to fold before or after the Wednesday column.

The extra space (either on the right or left) is a great place for a task list. Personally, I have used it to plan meals and my blog posts for each week.

bullet journal calendar adult coloring august calendar press print party

Calendar Review 6 Just what I wanted for my bullet journal. So cute!

Each design gives you plenty of space to write in those important events.

Get those goals in writing

The habit tracker is a must to solidify these personal daily routines or business habits you want to develop.

2021-2022 Daily Routine Printables, Habit Tracker Printable, Mandala Coloring, Bullet Journal, Daily Tracker Goal Planner, INSTANT DOWNLOAD press print party

Checkboxes can be very addictive and just scream to be checked.

You may find yourself laying in bed in the evening and finally getting up because you know there’s still a couple of things you need to do and check off (It may or may not have happened to me a couple of times).

There are so many different ways you could use the daily log pages. You could use it as a fitness tracker, mood tracker, vitamins tracker, water tracker, or whether or not you made your bed… Whatever importing things you decide.

You’ll end up with a monthly log of your habits that will help you make the changes you want.

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It’s also a great place to write in 10 monthly goals at the start of each new month and keep on task the entire month.

One Page Calendar to keep the year at a glance

The one-page printable calendar works great at the beginning of your planner for a quick at-a-glance look at the whole year.

2022 Yearly Calendar Template Printable, Adult Coloring Page, Bullet Journal Printable Calendar Insert, One Page Calendar, INSTANT DOWNLOAD

All these bullet journal calendars are available in my shop either as a set or individually.

But don’t take my word for it see what more of my amazing customers have to say about my Calendars:     

Calendar Review 3 I enjoy making a bullet journal happen but I just don't have the tie to trick it out artistically. Thank you for your talents. I'm albe to print your items out on sticker paper and insert into my notebook and begin using my bullet journal immediately. Thank you.
Calendar Review 7 Very pretty. The calendars look great in my journal.
Calendar Review 5 Beautiful design, lovely for my bullet journal.

If you’re still not sure you want to start a Bullet Journal, I encourage you to check out my 5 Essentials to Start Your Bullet Journal the Right Way blog post before you load up on bullet journal supplies.

Not sure about the calendars? You can try out my free bullet journal calendar.

Stop wasting your money on an expensive yearly traditional planner that will end up being half empty anyway. I urge you to give this self-directed way of organizing your life a try.