Easy Frosted Pinecones Tutorial

When the stores start selling holiday decor, the frosted pinecones always catch my eye. That snowy look just exudes rustic charm. My dilemma is it seems silly to buy a pinecone, which I can find for free anywhere there are pine trees. 

Of course, the crafter in me decided to come up with a cheap and easy solution. As it turns out, frosting pinecones is a breeze.

So, on my last trip to the mountains, I picked up a crate full and got to work. As for the rest of the materials, you may already have them around the house. If not, they are super easy to find at Michaels stores and others. 

easy frosted pinecone tutorial for christmas decor and wreaths step by step instructions - Press Print Party!

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I’m excited to add making snowy pinecones to my list of easy tutorials. I will show you not only how to frost the pinecones, but also a pretty and simple way to hang them (like pinecone tassels if you will). 

Bonus! They smell wonderful.

Frosted Pinecones Materials

  • Pinecones
  • Epsom Salt
  • White glue
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Strips of burlap (about 3 inches wide), different lengths 
  • Glue gun
Frosted Pinecones Tutorial by Press Print Party

Pour some Epsom salt and glitter into a bowl and mix. This will be your artificial snow. 

Frosted Pinecones Tutorial by Press Print Party

Squeeze glue onto the tips of your pinecones and immediately roll in in the Epsom salt mix.

Frosted Pinecones Tutorial by Press Print Party

Let dry overnight…

Frosted Pinecones Tutorial by Press Print Party

… then apply a generous amount of glue to the bottom of each pinecone with a glue gun to glue the burlap strips.

Frosted Pinecones Tutorial by Press Print Party

Hang the strips at different lengths to create visual interest. It looks great outdoors…

Frosted Pinecones Tutorial by Press Print Party

… or indoors. And the scent of the Epsom salt can add a clean, fresh scent wherever its hung. This is especially great to hang in a bathroom! 

Frosted Pinecones Tutorial by Press Print Party

I’ve used these pretty pinecones in my NOEL wreaths and they are so easy to make that I make new ones each year to make the guest bathroom pleasantly scented.

If you are looking to enhance the pine scent, just sprinkle a drop or two of pine essential oils on the burlap. You’ll want to be conservative with the essential oils though because even just a few drops can overwhelm a small space. 

It’s also super easy to add red or white berries. Or to make your your pinecones into Christmas ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree. 

I’ve also just arranged them on my coffee table. Let me know how you used your frosted pinecones in the comments! 

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