Frosted Pinecones Tutorial

I’ve seen frosted pinecones all over the stores and thought it would be silly to buy a pinecone that I can pick up pretty much anywhere there are pines. And it turns out frosting them is a breeze. So, on my last trip to the mountains I picked up a crate full and got to work.

In this tutorial, I will show you, not only how to frost the pinecones, but also a pretty and simple way to hang them. Bonus! They smell wonderful.

You will need:

* Epsom Salt
* White glue
* Glitter (optional)
* 3 strips of burlap (about 3 inches wide), different lengths
* Glue gun

Pour some Epsom salt and glitter in a bowl and mix.

Squeeze glue onto the tips of your pinecones and immediately roll in in the Epsom salt mix.

Let dry overnight…

… then apply a generous amount to glue to the bottom of each pinecone with a glue gun to glue the burlap strips.

Hang the strips at different lengths to create visual interest. It looks great outdoors…

… or indoors. And the scent of the Epsom salt is perfect for a bathroom.

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