Last Minute Halloween DIY Costume Ideas for Kids

Halloween is just around the corner. But there’s no reason to panic. There are tons and tons of fun, interesting, INEXPENSIVE kids Halloween DIY Costume ideas out there. And many of them you can make at home even at the last minute.

If waiting until the last possible moment is you’re M.O. you’re not alone. I’ve woken up more than once on Halloween morning with no idea what my kids were going to wear.

And more than once they’ve had no idea either.

I’m a little afraid that I may be teaching my kids poor time management and the fact that we’ve been able to pull off cool, last-minute costumes may only reinforce that, but we’re going to look at it another way: You weren’t irresponsible. You gave yourself the opportunity to flex your creative muscle and you proved to both you and the kids that you can perform under pressure.

Sure, that’s how we’re going to spin it. And if you pull off another DIY costume miracle just seconds before the first trick-or-treater arrives at your doorstep, I officially give you permission to pilfer whatever you like out of your kids’ candy bag. Or better yet, go re-familiarize yourself with all those warm-you-all-the-way-down adult beverages that make the cool weather so much more pleasant.

Either way, I curated this list of the best homemade costumes I could find. They’re all creative and interesting but are also quick and easy to make. Some can be made in an hour, and others may take a half a day or so. In any case, you’ll love the ingenuity of these clever moms and dads.

Make a Cool Jellyfish Costume

This Jellyfish costume is my most popular costume DIY by far. Once you have all the material gathered, it will take you about an hour to transform your kids into an impressive Jellyfish. And the costume even lights up!

Be Original with this Flailing Tube Man Costume

What a great way to re-use that old child fabric tunnel in the back of your closet. This homemade Flailing Tube Man costume is just hilarious. You’ll find the full set of instructions on the DIY Network website.

Last Minute Halloween DIY Prisoner Costume

Black tape and a white outfit are a simple way to make a quick DIY prisoner costume. You’ll also love how Crafts by Amanda also homemade the ball and chain.

Beautiful Owl Costume

Money Wise Moms has a great no-sew method to create this homemade owl costume for kids. You’ll be amazed how quickly this beautiful costume pulls together. Perfect for your little critter enthusiast.

Simple yet Fun Stick Figure Costumes

These white on black stick figure costumes from Mommy of a Princess are adorable in the light and would be even more impressive in the dark.

But you could go with the more traditional black on white stick figure from Money Wise Moms with a hands-free mask.

Stick Figure Costume with LEDs

If you have a little more time, you can make a stick figure costume glow with LED lights. The full tutorial is on Instructables.

Go Classic with an Easy Ghost Costume

There’s nothing more classic than a ghost costume made out of a sheet. The most tricky part is to get the eye and mouth holes right. Don’t worry though, I have great instructions on my ghost costume post.

Turn Balloons into a Bunch of Grapes

I’m so sad that I couldn’t find instructions on how to make the bunch of grapes costume that I discovered on Pinterest.

But it looks pretty simple. Start below the shoulders and attach gently inflated purple balloons with safety pins. A few leaves made out of felt also keep the balloons away from the face.

Anyone else thinking of Fruit of the Loom?

Quick and Easy Halloween Skeleton Costume

Another costume made with simple garments and tape. Find out how to make this last minute Halloween skeleton costume on Artful Parent.

Super Simple Lego Costume for Kids

I’m loving the simplicity of this lego block costume from Simple Joy . Who doesn’t have a cardboard box lying around? A perfect costume for your little Lego fan.

Sweet Baby Lamb Costume great for Younger Kids

This is such a sweet lamb costume from Spaceships and Laser Beams. The hat with the ears pulls it all together so well.

Unique Raindrops and Rain Cloud Last Minute Costume

I love this raindrops and rain cloud costume. It’s so clever and quick to make and if your kids are anything like mine they’ll love twirling around with it.

You’ll find the no-sew instructions on Make It & Love It.

I hope you enjoyed this quick list of last minute DIY Halloween Costumes for kids. If you have a little more time on your hands you may also want to check out my Black Widow Spider costume DIY, as well as the bat and butterfly kids costumes.

And don’t leave without checking out all the FREE Halloween printables on this site.

last minute Halloween diy costumes for kids - led stick man, flailing arm man, skeleton, stick figures, lamb, jellyfish, owl, ghost.
last minute halloween diy costumes for kids - led stick man, flailing arm man, skeleton, stick figures, lamb, jellyfish, owl, ghost.
last minute Halloween diy costumes for kids - led stick man, flailing arm man, skeleton, stick figures, lamb, jellyfish, owl, ghost.
last minute Halloween diy costumes for kids

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