Easy and Fun Monster Wreath DIY

This fun and easy monster wreath is sure to please both the little and big kids. A must-have decoration for any good monster party, it also makes a fantastic DIY Halloween wreath. When I have it up, everyone who comes to the house comments on it!

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This DIY monster birthday party decoration is easy and fun to make. Hang it at your front door and everyone will know where the cool monster party is.

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Cut a wreath out of the foam board.

My wreath is 12″ in diameter and the rim is 1 1/2″ wide. I made the circles with a pencil attached to a string pinned to the foam board and cut it with an Xacto knife.

My foam board was white so I painted it black. If you’re buying a foam board for this project, just go ahead and get a black one to make your life easier. I just used what I had on hand.

Glue the pompoms on the wreath.

Glue the big pompoms first to make sure you have room for them. Continue with the medium pompoms and fill in any holes with the little ones.

Glue the googly eyes:

Use different sizes on different pompoms. One eye on a pompom is what we liked best, but 2 or 3 also worked. Let your imagination go wild. We thought giving eyes to every pompom would be too overwhelming, so we had fun and added them as we saw fit.

Attach the wire:

Cut about 6″ of floral or other wire.Use a pin to make 2 holes and string and twist the wire to make a hanger.

Hang your monster wreath !!

Your monster birthday party wouldn’t be complete without it! AND, you can store it and use it again at Halloween. I love it when you can re-use party decor!!

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