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It’s that time of the year again when kids get back to school and parents rejoice.

Well, since we homeschool, I actually rejoice more at summer vacation then back to school, because I get a break too. But getting back into a routine will be nice. My kids do take classes at a resource center a couple times a week so I do get to pack them a lunch and love leaving a lunch box note for them to find.

Emojis have become incredibly popular and my kids really seem to like them so I designed some fun and uplifting lunch box cards for those busy school days ahead.

Kids just love receiving little notes from their parents. Especially in Elementary school where we’re still their heroes.

Notes from “You’re one cool kid!”, to “Be awesome today,” and “Don’t worry, be happy,” will be a fun surprise and will help alleviate first days of school anxiety for the little ones.

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