7 Free Rainbow Coloring Page Templates

These free, printable rainbow coloring pages can be used for all kinds of crafts for many occasions.

You don’t need rainy weather or Saint Patrick’s Day to make fun rainbow themed crafts for kids.

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7 Rainbow coloring pages

Great for kids to color, you could use these simple rainbow templates to make rainbow party decorations, classroom rainbow crafts, or for rainbow coloring pages for Bible time when learning about the story of Noah. 

Of course, one of the rainbows has a pot of gold at the end of it just for St. Patrick’s Day. And for a little variety, one comes out of a big star. 

I remember my kids having a blast coloring the rainbows and gluing on cotton balls for the clouds. They would show it off like a masterpiece. Kids are always so proud of their creations.

The colors of the rainbow

Rainbows appear in the sky when the sun’s rays hit water droplets from the rain and create a colorful arch. That means you’ll usually have your back to the sun whenever you see a rainbow.

The rainbow’s colors, at least here in the US, are usually broken up into seven colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.  Most people remember it by pulling out the first letter of each color: ROY G BIV.

But that’s not true everywhere. I’ve always been a little suspect of the distinction between indigo and violet and I understand that some cultures break up the color spectrum in some really unique ways. There seems to be a fuzzy, not entirely clear difference between green and blue in Japanese. And I’ve read that one culture, the Candoshi people of Peru, hardly have names for colors at all. Instead of red they might say “It’s like the color of blood” or for dark green they might say “It’s like unripe fruit”. But I guess we do that too. Candy Apple Red? Cornflower Blue? How ’bout where you’re from? Are there more colors in the rainbow? Less?

The kids will also probably want to color the sky a lighter shade of blue. 

So make sure you have plenty of those colors in your markers or pencils,  you don’t want kiddos upset that you run out of yellow.

To give you options, in the rainbow coloring pages PDF, you’ll find each Rainbow on its own page as well as 2 per page. That way you’ll be able to double up or scale the size up or down with no problem in the print dialog box.  

You’ll find the free download link at the end of this post and you can also check out all the other free printables on my site including the free St. Patrick’s Day photo booth props and St. Patrick’s day printable shamrock decorations.

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