15 Fun Letters from the Tooth Fairy – And Good Excuses for When She’s Late

Our girls REALLY enjoyed getting letters from the Tooth Fairy, so they wrote their own letter to her nearly every time they lost a tooth. So the poor Tooth Fairy got lots of practice writing special messages for each of our girls, late at night.

So, I thought I’d catalog some of the letters from the desk of the Tooth Fairy as samples in case your kid’s Tooth Fairy needed some ideas. Each of these Tooth Fairy notes brought giggling smiles to their faces. It’s so fun to watch your child’s eyes light up as they read their special tooth fairy note. Yes, even if the Tooth Fairy was one or two or sometimes three days late.

letters from the tooth fairy ideas and templates. tooth fairy letter with receipt, sticker and money. Press Print Party!

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Our kids wrote very detailed letters, full of questions that the Tooth Fairy tried her best to answer in a clever or mysterious kind of way.

Her letters were always short of course. She does have thousands of kids to visit every night, one can’t be writing long messages to every toothless kiddo. Her letters always included the child’s name making it all the more special.


Creative Ways to Package a Letter from the Tooth Fairy

A way to make your Tooth Fairy letter even sweeter and a little more special is for it to arrive in a custom package. My custom tooth fairy printable packages come with everything you’ll need for a fantastic Tooth Fairy experience. Your kids are sure to believe the gift was touched by fairy dust. All of these official tooth documents are in PDF format and they are editable.

Your kids will be able to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy with an official Lost Tooth Report, place their magical tooth in a special envelope and then under your child’s pillow and put a door hanger with their name on it on their bedroom doorknob to remind the Tooth Fairy to come. The door hanger especially helps keep the fairy tradition alive, because let’s face it, the first tooth is the most exciting one. The Tooth Fairy might struggle to follow through for subsequent teeth.

letters from the tooth fairy ideas and templates. tooth fairy letter with receipt, sticker and money. Press Print Party!

Then, the Tooth Fairy can write a personalized letter from a fairy letter template on her very own stationery, create a tooth receipt, put the whole thing in a custom envelope, track your kid’s lost teeth, and much more. Click here for a special deal on the Tooth Fairy Packages.

When you read the letters below, you’ll see that our Tooth Fairy had a name: Toothatina. The name comes from “Silverlicious“, a book in the Pinkalicious series of kids books. The character was a hilariously over-dramatic girl and if you have little girls, these are a must-buy. The books have been one of my girls’ favorite series.

Our Tooth Fairy’s pay rate was $1 per tooth. But she also sometimes gave out $1, gold Sacagawea coins. The shiny coin have a little more visual pop and they’re kind of heavy, and here in the U.S., we don’t have too much money with women on them. So for girls, they were perfect. And we determined that getting a roll of them at the bank is a LOT better than frantically scouring the house to find one at 10:30 at night. You’ll see some references to the coins in the letters. Our girls thought those were very exciting. I’m sure boys would too.

Sample Letters from the Tooth Fairy Ideas

Dear Chloe,

Thank you so much for your sweet note. Not too many kids write to me so it’s always fun to get notes.

Yes, I am a real fairy. I have sparkly wings, I have a tiny, magic bag of money and gifts and I fly as quick as a wink.

I wish I could come visit during the day. It would be fun for me to see you and Katie awake but there are so many kids loosing teeth all the time that I never get any time off!

I’m glad you finally lost this tooth and I hope the adult tooth grows into the right spot.

I love you lots,


Dear Chloe,

You’re amazing.  

You’ve lost so many teeth that I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve come to collect them.

How can you eat?

Yes, it seems totally possible that you’ve got three sets of teeth. It only happens a couple times a year but maybe you’re the lucky one. If you loose three or four more teeth there’s no question, you have three sets.


I love you,


Dear Chloe,

Thank you for both of your wonderful notes. You’re so very kind. They’re beautiful. It looks like it took you a long time to write them.

It is so fun to get your notes. You are one of the coolest toothless kids I know.

And did I hear right? That you pulled out this tooth all by yourself? You’re just amazing.

Please wait a while before you pull too many more teeth out. If not you’ll only be able to eat yogurt and applesauce.

Kiss Katie for me and keep smiling,


Dear Kate,

What a wonderful note. I’m excited that you had such an eventful day. It sounds like it was lots of fun.

I collect teeth from other kids in the world very much like I collect your teeth. I come by at night and pick them up. Some of the kids parents think that I’m a mouse or a rat but I think most of the kids know I’m a fairy.

Once I’ve collected teeth I keep them at home in a box or a jar or a bag. I write the kids name on it so I can put the next tooth she looses in the same container.

Congratulations on loosing a tooth in such an interesting way. I love you.


What to say when the Tooth Fairy is late

Here are some ideas for when the Tooth Fairy forgets to collect the tooth. All in all, it’s not a big deal and happened to us quite a bit. It kept the mystery going.

Dear Chloe,

I’m so sorry that I missed you last night. You lost your tooth in the evening and by the time I found out it was too late to come by. I hope you can forgive me.

I think the big gap in your teeth is just adorable. I like the way it makes you talk.

I brought you one of your favorite gold coins. I hope you like it.

Say Hi to Katie for me.

Keep smiling,


What to say when the Tooth Fairy is very late

These messages from the Tooth Fairy were all several days late. As you can see, there were many. Our letters from the Tooth Fairy where apologetic and she sometimes doubled the prize for being late but at least the excuses were creative.

Dear Kate,

I’m sooo sorry. I spent a lot of time the last few nights in England and Norway. No one near you was loosing any teeth!

Here’s your dollar coin. I hope you find something really fun to do with it. But if you buy something sweet be sure to brush your teeth well.

Thank you for being so patient.

I love you. Tell Chloe “Happy Birthday” for me,


Sweet Kate,

I’m sorry that I’ve been late your house recently. The weather in many of the other states is so cold and windy that it’s makes moving around very difficult.

But I want to congratulate you on loosing a canine tooth. I can’t believe how big and mature you’re getting. You’re becoming a beautiful young lady.

You and Chloe are quite a pair. Both of you with funny, little holey smiles. I think it looks very cute .

I love you a bunch.

Please say hi to Chloe and tell her I love her too.


Dear Chloe,


It’s been a while since I’ve seen you. I apologize for taking so long to pick up this tooth. I had a bad case of Tunisian green tongue. It’s pretty contagious and really kind of gross so I wanted to be sure you didn’t get it. 

But I’m feeling much better now and am zipping around catching up on all my work.

I put in an extra dollar for being so patient. Maybe you can spend it on something fun.

I love you,


Dear Chloe,

I’m so glad I could finally pick up your tooth and get your note.  I came by a couple times after you’d lost your tooth but I guess you forgot to put it under your pillow. And the last few days have been really tough. First a bunch of kids all loosing their teeth at the same time in South America and then a bad storm over Mongolia.

I love the artwork. Happy belated April Fool’s Day.

I put in an extra dollar for waiting for so long. Maybe you can spend it on something fun. I’m sorry I was so late. I love you,


When the Tooth Fairy is late and it’s December

Dear Chloe,

I can’t believe how many teeth you’re loosing. It seems like I come visit you every week!

I’m sorry I couldn’t come by last night. I’ve been helping Santa up at the North Pole and I was very behind on my route.

I love your drawings and I can’t wait to see how all your new teeth look once they’ve grown in.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

I love you and I’ll see you soon,


Dear Kate,

I’m so sorry that I waited so long to come by. There was an outbreak Elfin Earaches at the North Pole and Santa asked if I could come help out.

I was so busy that I had to skip all my secondary stops and even had to skip a few of my primary stops this week.

Yes, of course Santa is real. I spoke to he and the Easter Bunny yesterday. They have both been working very hard and are looking forward to a vacation.

I left your note like you asked me to.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

I love you,


Letter for When the Dentist had to pull a tooth

Dear Chloe,

I’m so proud of you.

I hear that you were scared about going to the dentist today and afraid that it would hurt really bad but that you were brave and got the baby teeth out and it wasn’t even that scary.

That’s fantastic! And now you get double the payment. In fact I like to reward kiddos that had to lose teeth in unusual ways so there’s an extra dollar for each tooth.

Say hi to Kate for me. I miss her.


I love you,


Ideas for When you need to answer questions

Our kids had all kinds of questions for the Tooth Fairy in their letters. From the regular “Are you a real fairy?”, “Where do you live?”, and “Where do you put the teeth?” to the more creative “Do you pick up teeth from baby animals too?”.

Dear Kate,

I’m sorry. I forgot that you were such a curious girl. You’re one of the few kids that want all the details.

Tooth collection is a huge job so I have a team of other fairies that help out. We know when you’ve lost a tooth through Tooth Fairy magic. My team keeps track of which kids have lost teeth and help me plan each night’s route.

I use pixie dust to help me fly and my wings have gotten pretty strong so I move fast. The pixie dust lets me carry the money to kids and the teeth back home. I put the teeth in the jars and boxes once I’m back.

Most of the time Tooth Fairy magic alerts us when kids write notes. So I compose a response and Emma, one of my top ranking fairies prints them out. That’s why they’re printed.

I hope I answered all you questions.

Stay curious.

I love you,


Dear Kate,

What a beautiful drawing! I love that I’m surrounded by sparkles and stars. It’s very pretty.

I wish that I had something more exciting to tell you about what I do with the teeth I pick up but I keep them as little souvenirs. It’s a fun way to remind me about how you’re growing up.

I love your smile now with all these funny little holes.

I love you and say hi to Chloe for me.


Dear Chloe,

I’m so excited for you. Happy Birthday!!! Not too many kids loose their teeth just before their birthday. I’m so glad I get to give you one of your earliest birthday gifts.

I live in a castle not too far from Santa Claus. It’s white and pearly and really pretty. It’s perfect for me and I really like it.

I keep so busy with kids loosing their teeth that I leave the animals alone. I’ve heard that if you really look sometimes you can find baby animal teeth out in the woods.

I get into people’s houses through the window with my fairy magic. Works every time!

Collecting teeth is a huge job. I have a team of fairies back at the castle that keep track of which kids have lost teeth and help with each night’s route.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday,


I hope you got tons of inspiration from some our letters from the Tooth Fairy. Our teeth loosing days are over now but the magic of the Tooth Fairy will stay with the kids for a lifetime. Plus, who knows? A cute letter from the Tooth Fairy might help make kids more excited about taking care of their teeth.

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