Hilarious Baby Shower Mad Libs – Virtual Baby Shower

I’m thrilled that we’re throwing a virtual baby shower for our fellow blogger Laura of “Make Life Lovely“.

Because blogging life can be a little lonely, we all support and cheer for each other online! We all live in different areas and getting together is just usually not an option.

So, when one of us is having a baby, we throw a virtual baby shower! All of us are sharing many fantastic baby shower ideas and DIYs. You’ll find all the links at the end of this post.

Baby Shower Mad Libs Advice Cards

My contribution to this virtual baby shower are these hilarious printable new mom advice cards.

Baby shower advice cards can be a little dull sometimes. As a mom-to-be, you need all the advice you can get, but you also need to remember to laugh.

The days ahead will be filled with wonderful memories and long sleepless nights. A little understanding that others have gone through the same struggles and have come out laughing at the other end is always encouraging.

That’s why these cards allow you to write genuinely helpful advice if you’ve got it or offer totally oddball, hilarious answers to keep the mom-to-be laughing all the way to her delivery date.

Guests get to fill out the answers themselves and even get a chance to show off or embarrass themselves with their artistic rendering of the sweet little arrival. It truly is a fun baby shower activity. 

Below are the gang’s completed mad libs! Happy baby shower Laura! We wish you all the best for you and your family!

The baby shower mad libs cards are available in my shop in a bunch of different designs and colors. They’re also available for a couple’s baby shower (parents to be) and I also have a popular “mum” version for my Australian customers. You can also check out my many other printable baby shower games and signs for your party.

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The Virtual Baby Shower Continues!

To visit all of the amazing hosts and their projects for our virtual baby shower, visit each one by clicking the links below:

See all of the fun with our hashtag  #BabyLovelyIsComing

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baby shower mad libs advice cards real advice and tons of fun. Hilarious Baby shower game printable- give the mom to be something to treasure. Press Print Party!
baby shower mad libs advice cards real advice and tons of fun. Hilarious Baby shower game printable- give the mom to be something to treasure. Press Print Party!

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17 thoughts on “Hilarious Baby Shower Mad Libs – Virtual Baby Shower

  1. Bri Adams says:

    I loved these mad libs! Although next time I think I’ll do it “blind” so my answers are more funny. What a great baby shower activity and I love that you have some serious pearls of wisdom mixed in with the whimsy.

  2. Laura says:

    Ahhhh, I love these SO much! What a fun baby shower game! These are so creative and different from your typical baby shower game. My kids would LOVE to do these too! Thanks so much for your sweet contribution and for the fun surprise! And all the hilarious advice! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Brenda says:

    These Mad Libs are just the best for baby showers – I love games like this that get everyone sharing and having lots of fun together. Plus, it’s a wonderful keepsake for the mom to be.

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