Baby Shower Games Bundle, Eucalyptus


Put together an elegant baby shower with plenty of fun games in an instant.

• 11 fun games for you to choose from that everyone can enjoy.
INSTANT THEME: Print your games on any white cardstock or paper.
SAVE MONEY: Print as many as you’d like for one low price.
SAVE TIME: Download and print instantly.
Surprise your guests: ”Celebrity baby names or random word?” is a unique game written by us
• “Disney Parents Match” is accurate and lists kids and parents, not movies and parents. (ie: “Merida” instead of “Brave”) and includes newer characters like Moana and Elsa.
• Matches perfectly with our BESTSELLER Baby Shower Mad Libs Advice Card.
• 2 sizes included – Print one or 2 per page. (8.5″x11″ and 5.5″x8.5″)
• Answer key included.
• 8.5” x 11” stationery included (blank page with flower border). Just print and use to write up your own games.



Eucalyptus Design:

► Baby animals – What do you call a baby….?
► Baby word scramble – Unscramble baby-related words
► Mom questionnaire – Give to mom first to answer
► Nursery rhymes – Can you remember the missing words for those popular nursery rhymes?
► Candy bar match-up – A hilarious way to match popular candy bar names with baby-related things
► Baby gift bingo – Guests write up items they think the mom will receive on a bingo card and check them off as the gifts are opened.
► What’s in your purse? – Guests rummage through their purse for the listed items and try to get the most points.
► The price is right – Guests guess how much popular baby items cost
► ABC name game – Guests race against a timer try to find a baby name for every letter of the alphabet
► Disney parents match – Guest match up Disney characters with their parents. Lists kids and parents, not movies and parents. (ie: “Merida” instead of “Brave”) and includes newer characters like Moana and Elsa.
► Celebrity baby or random word – Totally unique game written by us. Guest try to guess which words are actual celebrities’ baby names.
► Stationery – Blank page with just the border to print and use as stationery.
► Answer key

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