Tooth Fairy Letter Printable Kit, Blue


Start a magical tradition with your kids with this fun tooth fairy set complete with a letter, official report, receipts, certificates, envelopes, and door hanger.

This Tooth Fairy set contains several pieces for you to choose from. The options are there so you can choose the items you like and create your own unique celebration.

ALL the text in the set is EDITABLE. So be creative, mix and match, or translate the text in your language!

Ways to use this set:
1. Hang the door hanger at your child’s door to remind the Tooth Fairy to come.
2. You’ll find stickers to be printed on a full sheet of sticker paper and cut. Then give them to your child to decorate his/her room or wear proudly. You also could have the Tooth Fairy give one to your little toothless kiddo with the money. (You could put it in the envelope).
3. Have your child fill out the Official Report to put under the pillow with the tooth.
4. Insert the tooth in the small tooth envelope and place it under the pillow.
5. Take a picture of your child with the “I lost my first tooth” certificate.
6. Give a receipt, or a certificate of collection, with the money. You’ll find 1 half sheet certificate design and 3 receipt designs for you to choose from.
7. Write a personal letter from the Tooth Fairy to your child.
8. Use the envelope to deliver the letter, receipt or certificate, sticker, and money. The envelope is the perfect size for U.S. bills.
9. Use the tooth tracker to keep track of which tooth was lost and when.



► Tooth Fairy letter (Type the letter in any font)- Half sheet
► Official Tooth Fairy Official Lost Tooth Report – Half sheet
► 3 different tooth receipt designs
► Tooth envelope (2″ square)
► Lost Tooth Tracker
► First Tooth Photo Sign
► Lost Tooth Certificate
► Envelope (Perfect size for U.S. bills)
► Door Hanger
► Stickers

This set is available in more colors.