Special Offer 40 Funny Christmas Gift Tags Printable

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Make people giggle this year when they read your hilarious gift tag. Also perfect for a white elephant gift exchange.

• 40 UNIQUE sayings included. All funny or sweet and no bad language. All original and written by us.
• SAVE MONEY: Print as many as you’d like for one low price.
• SAVE TIME: Download and print instantly.
• Pretty RUSTIC Style – Print on white or Kraft Cardstock.
• Print a “To:” and “From:” design on the back.



► 5 Letter-size (8.5″x11″) Pages of unique tags. 8 tags per page. Tags are about 2″x3.75″
► Backing for Tags with “To:” and “From:”

• A little birdie told me you might like this.
• Act like you like it or I return it tomorrow.
• Consider yourself lucky. I nearly kept this for myself.
• Considering how cool this is. You’d better have gotten ME something good.
• Don’t go peekin’!! It’s the Christmas law.
• I don’t even remember what this is.
• I hope it’s as cool as it was on TV.
• I hope you like it because I can’t take it back.
• I still don’t understand why you’d even want this.
• If you don’t like it I will happily take the burden off your hands.
• If you don’t like it you can always give this to me.
• If you’d made a Christmas list I might have bought you something you’d like. Instead, you’re stuck with this!
• I’m not telling you what I had to do to get this.
• I’m totally giving this to you hoping that you’ll give it right back to me.
• I’m totally cool with you pretending that you like this.
• Imagine the most amazing, super best gift you could EVER think of. Well wasn’t that fun? Now back to reality.
• In case you’re wondering. Yes, I did buy one for myself.
• It didn’t cost much but it’s given from a heart filled with love.
• It’s a good present just because I gave it to you.
• It’s creative, ….right??
• Mediocre mystery gift.
• Santa said I could take credit for this one.
• Santa said you deserved coal so be grateful you got anything.
• Sorry, it’s the best I could do.
• Take a deep breath and lower your expectations.
• They didn’t have your size. Hopefully, this will do.
• This is actually mine so I get this back.
• This is how much I care for you.
• We might want to open this up in private
• When you don’t give people a Christmas list this is what you get.
• Yes, it is underwear. Now stop trying to peek.
• Yes, I did find this on the side of the road. You’re welcome!
• Yes, I know how badly you want to open it early and I’m sorry the answer is no.
• I know that you know what this is. Act surprised anyhow!
• YO. Hands off ’til the big day.
• You like some weird stuff
• You only get this if you promise to share.
• You’re going to LOVE this!!!
• You shake it, you break it.
• Yes, I got this from (check boxes)
a garage sale
a thrift store
the flea market
the neighbor’s garage while they weren’t looking.