Little Crochet Hearts String DIY

Little Crochet Hearts String DIY

Crochet Hearts String by Press Print Party!

Did you see the cute little crochet hearts string in my Free Valentine’s Day Heart Box Printables post? So adorable and so easy to make! I used the Peaches and Cream cotton yarn to give it more of a country look. I made the whole string in one old episode of SG1 while laying in bed with the flu.

Crochet Heart by Press Print Party!
The pattern is all over the net but I found this video from Crochet Lovers pretty cool and easy to follow.

I crocheted 5 pinks and 4 reds that I strung together with the pink yarn. Just love it! Here they are with the free heart boxes.

How to crochet a heart and free printables by Press Print Party!



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