12 Doodles How To for Bullet Journals

Doodles! Who doesn’t like doodling? It’s fun and keeps the mind animated. It’s the best part of a Bullet Journal I say! Doodles make all those organized lists more fun and creative.

If you don’t know what a Bullet Journal is (or a BUJO for those in the know) check out my post on how to start your Bullet Journal for a quick overview and start one for yourself. For years, trying to keep up with homeschooling, keeping the house, working for my husband’s business, an Etsy store, AND a blog was driving me to the brink of insanity. Fortunately, I learned about channeling my busy life and mind into a Bullet Journal. Even my husband is a convert!

Arranging your thoughts and tasks are only part of what a Bullet Journal is for me. It’s also a way to be creative and not let those endless lists become a drag. Therefore, like many before me, I started doodling.

I’m very excited about sharing my favorite 12 doodles with a quick step by step instructions on how to draw them. They’re quick, easy, and cute; but most importantly they jump off the page. So I never lose that great blog idea or forget what I planned for dinner; or that I have that very important coffee date with a friend.

I also have a free calendar printable for the Bullet Journal you can check out as well as other calendar printables in the shop.

I’d love to hear your comments and see your own doodle work!


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