Free Cute Thank You Coloring Page for Teacher Appreciation

This free printable thank you coloring page for teacher appreciation is a fun and creative way to show your kids’ gratitude to the educators who have shaped their little minds and inspired them throughout the school year.

It can go right along with the fruit basket or gift card you have prepared to give. Your kids can give a gift straight from the heart that their teacher will truly appreciate.

boy coloring a free printable teacher thank you page with questions

So grab the colored pencils and spend some time with your child going over expressing their thanks in a unique and meaningful way. 


Why it’s crucial to give our teachers the recognition they deserve

The importance of teacher appreciation cannot be overstated, especially at the end of the school year when everyone is feeling a little worn out and ready for a break.

Finding a creative way to show your kid’s teachers how much they mean to you can do wonders for lifting their spirits and showing them that their hard work has not gone unnoticed.

free coloring teacher appreciation page on wood with colorful crayons

They dedicate countless hours to preparing lessons, grading assignments, holding parent meetings, and offering support and encouragement to their students.

And when teachers are happy, that means good things all around – better connections with students, improved grades, and teachers who enjoy coming to work.

By showing them gratitude and acknowledging their hard work, you are motivating them to continue giving their best day in and day out. Teachers who feel valued and appreciated are more likely to stay in the profession and continue making a difference in the lives of their students.

Showing gratitude and appreciation for teachers should be a year-round effort, not just limited to Teacher Appreciation Week. Let’s make sure to thank teachers for the vital role they play in molding the minds of the future generation.

One great way to do this is by giving them a cute teacher appreciation coloring page colored by their student, a perfect way to show their gratitude in a fun and lighthearted manner.

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Making a Personalized Coloring Page for Teachers

This fun teacher thank you coloring page is the perfect way to let your child express gratitude to their favorite teacher in a creative way.

It showcases the teacher’s best attributes according to your child.

First, have your kid write the teacher’s name in the ribbon right below “Thank you” to make sure they know they’re the best teacher ever!

Under the “You are:” section, ask your child what he thinks of the teacher. Is the teacher funny, kind, patient, pretty, sweet, smiley, or just simply “great.” There is room for 3 adjectives.

Thanks for teaching me: It’s always revealing to see what kids write in this section. It tells the teacher what lessons have resonated with the students.

My favorite class memory is: Have your child recall a special time in the class. It could be the time they received an award or a special commendation. It could be the dance party they had or when they were given a special task. 

I will miss: In this section, your child could simply write “YOU”, but it could be they will miss a special time in class like calendar time, or those awesome art lessons.

girl coloring the free coloring page for teacher appreciation with a stick figure

Finally, get your child to draw a picture of themselves with the teacher and add their name to the bottom of the page.

Teachers treasure these memories and a simple coloring page thank you card with heartfelt sentiments from your child truly is a great teacher appreciation gift.

Where to Find the Free Thank You Coloring Page for Teacher

The download link for the printable coloring page for Teacher Appreciation Day is available as an instant download pdf file in my free printables library for all my newsletter subscribers. Just go to the bottom of this post to sign in and you’ll get an email with the secret code.

young kid coloring a thank you page for his teacher

As always, the free printable coloring sheet is available for personal use only but classroom use is also authorized.

The file is easy to download and print and no special app is necessary as none of the words are editable.

More Meaningful Gifts for Teachers

An appreciation coloring sheet colored by your little artist is the perfect cherry on top of any present from Mom and Dad. If you’re a little stuck on what to give, I have a ton of teacher appreciation printables with fantastic teacher gift ideas like these:

The best teachers gift: Coffee Gift Cards

I know plenty of teachers who tell me that coffee cards, although mundane, are what they really want to get for teacher appreciation day.

If your kids like to bake, this one’s a slam dunk. Homemade cookies always make sweet gifts. Have them make several batches of cookies and attach a fun note to all their favorite teachers.

Candies or Chocolates, Always appreciated!

You can create so many puns with candy names! Some are super clever and make this modest gift more special.

Don’t forget to pin this free thank you coloring page for teacher appreciation day:

free printable thank you coloring page for teacher appreciation - Press Print Party!

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free printable coloring page for teacher appreciation week - Press Print Party!

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