Free Printable 2022 Calendar for Bullet Journal and More

Just in time for the new year, you can now download my free 2022 monthly calendar printables perfectly sized for your bullet journal or household binder.

free 2022 calendar printable for bullet journals - Press Print Party!

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I LOVE my Bullet Journal.

Better than any planning system, this simple notebook is the only thing that has helped my time management and kept my task lists all in one place.

But I just don’t like spending time drawing a new calendar spread month after month.

So, if you’ve been thinking the same thing, and are looking for the best way to turn these blank pages into a colorful calendar layout without spending much time, you’re in the right place!

If you’re new to the whole Bullet Journal community, no need to worry. I’ve written a whole post on 5 essentials you need to start your Bullet Journal the right way to jumpstart your Bullet Journal setup.

Yellow journal. How to start your bullet journal the right way - Press Print Party!

Start your Bullet Journal the right way:

I’m not the super fancy drawing Bullet Journaling type. I use my bullet journal pages for efficiency, not style. I don’t even do anything with my cover page.

But a little style and a little color are good too and these 2022 printable Bullet Journal calendars are just the thing to cheer up your notebook and give you a little inspiration with monthly bible verses.

You’ll find the link to get the 2022 free printable calendar pdf at the bottom of this post.

free 2022 calendar printable for bullet journals - Press Print Party!

I originally got the idea to make them because I just couldn’t find a printable monthly calendar the correct size for my Bullet Journal.

All my printable calendars for Bullet Journals are the perfect fit for an A5 notebook, like the popular Leuchtturm1917 (I’ve tried but I still can’t pronounce it.)

Just print each month, trim, and fold either before or after the Wednesday column assuring that no square falls in the fold. Then paste your monthly calendar page over 2 pages leaving some space to one side.

free 2022 calendar printable for bullet journals - Press Print Party!

I use that extra space to plan out meals for the week but it could be a great place to list out your monthly goals there, a task list, important events, specific needs, or whatever else you like.

It’s a Bullet Journal, after all, there are no real rules, except for the ones you decide. You are in full control over the contents of your journal.

The total trimmed dimensions are 8.75″ x 7.5″ so they fit easily into an A5 journal. To assure your calendar prints the correct size make sure you have the “actual size” option checked in your print dialog box in Adobe Reader.

If you prefer to use them in a household 3 ring binder just use the “fit to page” option in the Print dialog box and you’ll get a full-page calendar.

And then at the beginning of a new month, clean up your to-do list of all the important things, and paste another monthly layout page.

Different Calendar Designs and More

But wait! If you’d like something a little fancier, or a Monday start calendar for Bullet Journals, I have 3 more beautiful calendar designs in my shop as well as matching daily habit trackers and at-a-glance 2022 calendars.

The daily habit tracker is especially great to use to develop or reinforce those excellent, healthy habits. It even has a place to list your 10 major goals for the current month!

2021-2022 Daily Routine Printables, Habit Tracker Printable, Adult Coloring, Bullet Journal, Daily Tracker Goal Planner, INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Don’t forget to check out my 3 beautiful printable calendars for your Bullet Journal post to get more details about them.

And although I prefer more of a minimalist Bullet Journal system, I love to find creative ways to doodle in it. So I documented some of my doodle designs so you too can make them and have some fun.

Others use calendar stickers or washi tape to keep them organized and colorful.

I also would be remiss if I didn’t mention my absolute favorite Stabilo pens. They’re such a pleasure to write and color with. Check out the Amazon reviews for them. If they don’t convince you to give them a try I don’t know what will!

I also have a whole public list of great Bullet Journal supplies and accessories on Amazon if you want to check it out.

Pin it, so you don’t lose the link for next year too! Scroll down for the free download link.

free 2021 calendar monthly for bullet journal and binders by Press Print Party, with verse

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