10 Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs for Unique Homemade Gifts

Is it just me, or have Christmas hot chocolate bombs exploded in popularity in the last few years?

See what I did there? Hehe!

If you’re like me and hear “hot chocolate season” when the words “holiday season” are said then you will like this post.

10 unique Christmas hot cocoa bombs - Press Print Party!

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I’m not sure who invented the idea of filling chocolate shells with a small amount of instant hot cocoa mix, but I’m glad they did!

Hot chocolate balls are great for adding to an adorable gift box or gifting on their own. You can add a sweet note to your gift with my printable “You’re the bomb” Christmas gift tags.

You can also just keep several on hand for when you are curling up with a good book this winter season. Doesn’t that sound like the best Christmas treat?

I can’t help picturing throwing a Polar Express party and having these Christmas hot cocoa bombs ready for decadent cups of hot cocoa.

I have a family-friendly list of Christmas movies that would pair well with the perfect cup of hot chocolate too but I hear “Hot, hot! Ooh, we got it!” every time I think of hot cocoa, so Polar Express comes to mind first.

One of the extra cool things about hot chocolate balls is each drinker can customize the liquid they use for a delicious cup of hot cocoa. Warm milk is usually my go-to, but oat milk, almond milk, or coconut milk would work well too! If you’re eager to cut calories, hot water is a good go-to.

You just add one of the delicious hot chocolate bombs to an empty mug and pour the hot liquid over it.

I’ve put together a list of Christmas hot cocoa bombs that are just as neat as they are tasty. They have fun themes and delicious flavors and one of them might leave you with a black cup of hot cocoa!

How to Assemble Hot Chocolate Balls

If you’ve never made a hot chocolate bombs recipe, the most important tool you need–at least for regular hot chocolate bombs–is a silicone mold. I do have one recipe on this list that uses mini cups instead of a silicone mold.

A piping bag is also helpful but you can cut a hole in a Ziplock bag if you don’t have a piping bag.

If you have a lot of hot cocoa chocolate bombs to make, a hot plate might be helpful in keeping your chocolate soft and spreadable.

Basic steps to make a Hot Cocoa Bomb:

  1. Melt your chocolate pieces in a microwave safe bowl. Wafers that are intended for melting work best here.
  2. Spread a thin layer of chocolate onto the silicone mold with the back of a spoon.
  3. Let the chocolate cool in the fridge. After the chocolate sets, you will do an additional layer.
  4. Fill half of your spheres. The other half will be used for tops. If you forget this step, as does happen at times, you will be left with sad empty hot cocoa bombs.
  5. Ready to close your bomb? Melt the rim of an empty sphere on a warm pan, put it on top of a filled piece, and hold the two halves together until they seal.

Ready to make some awesome hot chocolate bombs? Let’s check out this list!

10 Fun Recipes for Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs

1- Lump of Coal Hot Chocolate Bombs by Press Print Party!

black hot chocolate bomb in white cup - Lump of coal Christmas Hot chocolate bombs - Press Print Party!

Perfect for the naughty ones on your list. It’s delicious, and the edible black sanding sugar makes the cup of hot cocoa look awesome!

2- Grinch Hot Cocoa Bombs by Simplistically Living

- 10 unique Christmas hot cocoa bombs - Press Print Party!

The secret to these vibrant green hot chocolate bombs is bright green chocolate melts and white hot chocolate mix. I can’t decide if I’m more taken with the bombs or the cups of hot cocoa once the chocolate has melted. It’s practically glowing!

3- Snowman Hot Chocolate Bombs by Frugal Mom Eh!

snowman hot chocolate bombs - 10 unique Christmas hot cocoa bombs - Press Print Party!

These snowman hot chocolate bombs are rich with Ghirardelli white chocolate melting wafers. Yum! Just don’t think too much about pouring scalding liquid on those adorable faces. Ahh!

4- Snowballs Hot Cocoa Bombs by Press Print Party!

white snowball hot chocolate bomb recipe homemade for Christmas gifts - diy snowball hot cocoa bomb - Press Print Party!

 I would not recommend throwing these snowballs at one another, but they are delicious in hot milk!

5- Solo Cup Chocolate Bombs by Salty Side Dish

hot cocoa bomb in little cups - 10 unique Christmas hot cocoa bombs - Press Print Party!

These bombs are unique because they are in the shape of miniature red solo cups. Mini marshmallows give the impression of a whipped cream. Salty Side Dish gives great tips for help getting the chocolate out of the cup so you don’t end up with mangled hot chocolate bombs.

6- Dark Chocolate Peppermint Hot Cocoa Bombs by Sparkles to Sprinkles

peppermint hot cocoa bombs - 10 unique Christmas hot cocoa bombs - Press Print Party!

Looking for a punch of peppermint? Add peppermint hot chocolate mix to your bombs in addition to the peppermint sprinkles on top of the bombs.

7- White Chocolate Peppermint Hot Chocolate Bombs by Trop Rockin

peppermint hot cocoa bombs - 10 unique Christmas hot cocoa bombs - Press Print Party!

These bombs are filled with bits of candy canes (or should I say shrapnel?). They are extra peppermint-y thanks to the peppermint chocolate melts.

8- Christmas Swirl Hot Chocolate Bombs by Salty Side Dish

red and green hot chocolate bombs - 10 unique Christmas hot cocoa bombs - Press Print Party!

These hot cocoa bombs are just as exciting on the inside as they are on the outside because they are stuffed with M&Ms and marshmallows. Also, they turn into a purplish color when they melt. If that’s not the magic of Christmas, I don’t know what is!

9- Red & Gold Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs by Trop Rockin

red christmas hot cocoa bombs - 10 unique Christmas hot cocoa bombs - Press Print Party!

I can’t get over how vibrant these bombs turn out! The red and gold is so festive!

10- Dr. Seuss Green Hot Chocolate Bombs by Movie Nights at Home

dr seuss hot chocolate bombs - 10 unique Christmas hot cocoa bombs - Press Print Party!

Do you like green eggs and ham? I mean green hot chocolate? These will go perfectly with your favorite version of Dr. Seuss’ Grinch story.

After compiling this list, I’m excited to add a few more hot cocoa bomb recipes to my repertoire! Did you find one you want to make for Christmas gifts, parties or just for yourself? Let me know in the comments!

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10 unique Christmas hot cocoa bombs - Makes great treat gifts - Press Print Party!

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10 unique Christmas hot cocoa bombs - the perfect little Christmas gift. Press Print Party!

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