How to Make Pineapple Macarons

I’d never made French macarons before. Let alone pineapple macarons. But they seemed like the perfect snack for our pineapple birthday party so I had to try!

I thought maybe being French would give me some kind of macaron mojo but I had to muddle through my first batch of French macarons just like anybody else.

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Thankfully I had YouTube to help me where I found the cutest pineapple macarons and the perfect instruction video.

Rachel from Kawaii Sweet World will get you through the perfect macaron step by step. Her site is full of adorable baking ideas.

The pineapple macaron instruction video is at the bottom of this page but I learned some things along the way too that I wanted to share with you.

Her basic French Macaron recipe is fantastic and uses cups instead of weights.

I couldn’t find the recommended Honeyville almond flour without ordering it, so I used another kind of fine blanched almond flour I found at the store.

TIP: If not using the ultra fine almond flour you may want to sift the almond flour separately first. Just to make sure you have the right amount. I found sifting difficult and time consuming. I was having a hard time knowing if I had a full cup as some almond flour would just not go through the sifter. Sifting is a must though to get that professional smooth finish. I didn’t do a good job on my first batch and they ended up very bumpy.

Rachel recommends a silicone macaron mat, which I happened to have. It had been one of those “maybe one day I’ll make macarons” kind of buy. I’m not totally sold on it though because the macarons stuck to it a bit too much. I think next time I’d love to use the Silpat macarons mat. But they all came out the perfect size.

The pineapple tops were piped out green candy melts. You can plainly see that it doesn’t have to be perfect. As long as you have 3 strands people will get the idea.

Once you sandwich the 2 macarons with the filling and the top, they immediately transform into the cutest little pineapples ready for eating.

She pipes a grid on hers but my pipping skills are not up to par, so I left them as is.

Here’s her video, and get her recipe here. Enjoy!

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