Easy Mandrake Cupcakes for Your Harry Potter Party

These easy-to-make Mandrake cupcakes were a huge hit and brought a lot of smiles to our Harry Potter Birthday party!

If you’re a Harry Potter fan like my daughters and me, you know there’s nothing quite like sprinkling a bit of magic into our everyday muggle lives.

My girls, who, despite being all grown up, still adore the enchanting world of Hogwarts and Fantastic Beasts, chose the theme for their shared birthday party and I went all in!

To make our celebration extra special, I whipped up some Mandrake cupcakes—inspired by those adorable, screeching magical plants from the series.

2 mandrake cupcakes for harry potter party birthday treat

Using chocolate cupcakes to mimic plant pots, these treats feature strawberries with green tops for foliage and cookie dough-flavored candy melts for the Mandrake faces.

Because they are baby-like creatures, these would also make wonderful treats for a Harry Potter baby shower.

Follow along as I share how I conjured up these delightful treats so you too can add a bit of wizardry to your own celebration!

What are Mandrakes?

In the Harry Potter series, Mandrakes are magical plants known for their powerful restorative properties and ear-splitting screams.

First introduced in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” during Professor Sprout’s Herbology class, Mandrakes have roots that resemble human babies and their cries can be fatal to anyone who hears them unprotected.

They are essential for creating a potion to revive those petrified by the basilisk, making them a crucial part of the wizarding world’s herbology.

These Mandrake treats will not screetch on their own, but you will be able to get the ripping from the earth effect when you pull the strawberry from the cupcake.

2 mandrake cupcakes for harry potter party birthday treat

Tips and advice

  • To create the perfect Mandrake cupcakes, you’ll need to make the chocolate cupcake look like it’s in a pot of some kind. I ran out of time and used brown cupcake wrappers, but you could use mini terracotta pots for a more authentic plant effect.
  • Make sure the strawberries you choose have a nice green top to better mimic the plant’s foliage.
  • The color of the wafer is also crucial; you want a distinct color separation between the chocolate frosting (representing dirt) and the Mandrake’s face. Since Mandrakes are baby-like, I used cookie dough-flavored candy melts that were light brown in color.
  • When carving the face, remember these are supposed to be screaming, root-like creatures—the face doesn’t have to be pretty; it should look somewhat angry and distressed.
a tower of mandrake cupcakes at a harry potter birthday party Press Print Party
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Mandrake Cupcakes Ingredients

Harry potter mandrake cupcakes ingredients.

How to Make the Mandrakes

Melt the candy wafers according to the package instruction

Dip a strawberry and try to coat as much as possible keeping the stem intact.

strawberry dipped in candy melts

Make a small indent in the cupcake with your finger and place the strawberry on top.

strawberry in candy melt on top of a chocolate cupcakes

Let the candy dry then carve a screeching face with a blade.

making a mandrake face with a blade on the mandrake cupcake

Spread frosting around the strawberry.

frosting the mandrake cupcake

The finish product can look somewhat messy, they are roots in dirt after all.

2 harry potter cupcakes mandrakes made with strawberries Press Print Party

The mandrake cupcakes were displayed on a tiered tray with an antique style place card available in my shop.

a tower of mandrake cupcakes at a harry potter birthday party Press Print Party

Some looked better than others but Mandrakes are not supposed to be pretty so it all worked out.

2 mandrake cupcakes for harry potter party birthday treat

Creating these Mandrake cupcakes was a fun and easy way to make a magical treat.

Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just starting out, this recipe is simple enough for anyone to make and is sure to impress all the Harry Potter fans in your life. I hope you enjoy making and sharing these magical treats as much as we did!

Don’t forget to check out my other Harry Potter-themed posts for more inspiration. Discover how to make your own potion bottles, perfect for adding a bit of mystical charm to any event, and explore my ideas for magical favor bags that will leave your guests spellbound.

With a bit of creativity and a dash of magic, you can create unforgettable memories for any Harry Potter fan.

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Mandrake Cupcakes

How to make fun and easy Mandrake cupcakes for any Harry Potter celebration.

Course Dessert
Author Nathalie Brown


  • 12 chocolate cupcakes
  • 12 big strawberries with a nice green top
  • 1 package chocolate candy wafers in a light brown color
  • 1 container dark chocolate frosting


  1. Wash and dry the strawberries

  2. Melt the candy wafers according to the package instructions

  3. Dip a strawberry in the candy wafer trying to coat as much of the strawberry as possible.

  4. Make a small indent in the middle of a cupcake and place the strawberry on top.

  5. Let dry.

  6. Carve a face in the strawberry with a blade or a knife.

  7. Spread chocolate frosting around the strawberry.

  8. repeat for all cupcakes.

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