How to Make Striking Tabletop Coral Reef Decorations

My instructions on how to make a stunning full size coral reef have been so popular, that I decided to miniaturize the process for a striking tabletop decoration.

Perfect for a mermaid party or under the sea party! Use it as a centerpiece for the table or decorations around the room.

***Check out the how to video below!***

The whole process was really very simple. First, I filled a paper lunch bag with a small block of Styrofoam that I shaped with a pair of scissors.

Then I created mini versions of the mesh and paper corals per the instructions for the full size reef.

I also cut a small piece of pool noodle to create some height.

I found the small honeycomb half sphere at Ikea in the wrapping paper section. I’m sure glad I grabbed it last time I was there without knowing what I would do with it!

I used these coral reefs as props for my mermaid party printables photo shoot. But they would look wonderful on a dessert table for your under the sea party. Nemo and Dorie would definitely approve. It would also work great as decorations for a Luau or a silly upbeat sushi diner. 

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The video below gives you an idea how easy it is! Feel free to share! Don’t forget to sign up to my YouTube channel by clicking here:


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