Awesome Science Party Ideas (Decorations & Activities)

A bunch of awesome and creative people came up with these DIY science party decoration ideas for our church’s Time Lab Vacation Bible School. 

And these fun, inventive ideas can be used for kid’s mad scientist themed birthday party as well as another science themed VBS program.

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Incredible Science Lab Stage Decorations

The people who do the the stage decor are just amazing at what they do. 

The science lab was complete with a “working” time machine, beakers and big barrels of “radioactive nasty stuff”. 

They used plates to create a DIY backdrop and glued pictures of gears inside. A little below you’ll see how we actually made gears out of plates too.

The time machine spewed smoke as it worked. And the robot costume, made with lots of silver ducting, was a hit with everyone .

3 DIY Science Party Backdrops

1- Colorful Gear Backdrop

The challenge when decorating a whole church is the massive amount of wall space to cover. It can be hard to get it all decorated. 

We all pulled together and cut hundreds of colorful gears made out of cheap paper plates and made “waves” of gears on many of the walls for a quick, easy, and inexpensive decoration. This tactic would work great as decorations for a science themed birthday party too.

I loved the 3D effect they gave to the walls. The bigger gears were made with poster board. We stuck them to the wall with U-Glue Dashes. Those things are great! They’ll last for a long time and best of all they don’t damage the walls when you take them off. 

The circles in the middle were made with a cool circle cutter from the Creative Memories system. For this kind of craft it really pays to know scrapbookers …

2- DIY Gooey Slime Wall Backdrop

The slime oozing from the ceiling is just bright green plastic tablecloths cut and hung to look like slime. The bright splotches, are made with colorful paper rolls. 

All the dots branching out of the slime really sell the splatter effect!

3- Easy Giant Beaker Wall Decorations

I personally made the giant paper beakers for 3 walls. They were fun and easy to make and I’ll write a full set of instructions on how to make them in another post.

It was fun to walk though a doorway where this beaker was spilling “chemicals” all over.

Fantastic Blueprint Science Posters

One of our very talented members, a retired engineer, hand drew these blueprint posters for our craft room. See if you can spot the other 2 on the gear and beaker walls. They were made on simple black foam boards with multi colored chalk. I really love that spaceship! 

Fun Science Party Activities

I love working in the craft room because I truly believe that a good party always has a good craft. We had a couple of pretty amazing activities for this VBS that you can absolutely use for your next science themed party.

The Rocket Launcher

We took one day to make our PVC and paper rockets and spent the craft time on the last day to have a rocket launching contest!

This really was the apex of the weeks activities. The kids LOVED making their own rocket and competing against their friends to see who could launch it the most accurately at the target. 

We had 2 launchers and for the entire craft time there was a line of kids eager to launch their rockets again and again. Some kids were only concerned about power and wanted nothing more than to stomp the plastic bottle. But a few went for the finesse and became pretty good at applying just the right stomp to launch their rockets with just the right thrust. It was fun to watch their little minds working through the variables of thrust and angle and distance to try to hit the bullseye.

Click here to get the instructions on how to make the stomp rockets and the launcher. It’s just too cool a craft to skip.

Making The Best Slime Ever!

So my daughter was pretty obsessed with slime for a while and she sometimes struggled at getting just the right consistency. 

We found a particular recipe that was foolproof and worked faultlessly for all 150 kids. That makes it a win in my book. I have all the details and the complete recipe with plenty of photos in this post. There’s just too much info to add here.

Another successful Vacation Bible School week! You can also take a look at our under the sea VBS decorations.

It’s really wonderful to work with so many talented individuals and to see the kids creativity and growth during the week. I’m ready for another year!

I hope that you got some good inspiration, whether you’re doing your own science themed VBS or throwing a mad scientist party at home.

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14 thoughts on “Awesome Science Party Ideas (Decorations & Activities)

  1. Bri Adams says:

    I can use some of these ideas or my space party! What an incredible set up! You guys outdid yourselves on this one. Is that rocket drawing something I can purchase? We need to get a scan of it or something. I LOVE it.

  2. Matt says:

    The stomp rocket looks like SO much fun! I’d want to take it home and see if I could launch it over the house.
    And the blueprints are fantastic.

  3. SugarPartiesLA says:

    Wow ! They did such an amazing job with the different backdrop ideas. I love the use of the paper plates to create gears! Now I know if I ever have a scientist party to totally use that idea. Thanks for sharing.

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