17 Lucky Shamrock Crafts for Kids on St. Patrick’s Day

Shamrock crafts make the perfect St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids.

These shamrock craft ideas are great for a variety of ages and require little prep work and few materials.

17 simple shamrock crafts for kids - Press Print Party!

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These whimsical and charming projects are perfect for getting little hands busy and creative. From simple paper cutouts to more elaborate designs, shamrock crafts offer a wide range of possibilities for kids of all ages to explore their artistic side.

I’m confident you’ll find great shamrock craft ideas for each skill level present in your family.

So gather up your supplies and get ready to bring a little luck of the Irish into your home with these engaging and enjoyable shamrock crafts for kids. 

A Little History of the Shamrock

How did the shamrock become associated with St. Patrick’s Day? It is believed that St. Patrick of the 5th century used the shamrock to explain the holy trinity.

Years after his death, Irish Christians living in poverty adorned their clothing with shamrocks.

Over time, shamrocks have been used as a motif in Irish culture and are commonly found in decorations, jewelry, and clothing associated with Ireland. In modern times, the shamrock is often used as a symbol of Irish identity and pride. 

Difference Between Shamrocks and Four-Leaf Clovers

It can be easy to confuse shamrocks and four-leaf clovers since they are often talked about in the same way.

Shamrocks refer to clovers with three leaves. They typically grow in bunches and aren’t hard to find in Ireland. Four-leaf clovers are rare and grow in single stems.

But for many people, they’re almost the same. So in this post, you’ll find both shamrock and four-leaf clover crafts, and the terms will be nearly interchangeable.

17 Shamrock Crafts for Kids

There are enough crafts on this list to enjoy one craft per day in the month of March leading to St. Patrick’s Day (Mach 17th).

Which shamrock crafts will you choose?

1- Shamrock Decoration Printable by Press Print Party

shamrock decorations printables

To unlock the luck of the Irish, all you have to do is download, print, and cut my shamrock template. Maybe its not quite that easy! But these paper shamrocks are great for making a shamrock garland or napkin holders. You can add fun details to the holiday with minimal effort thanks to these beautiful, printable shamrocks.

napkin ring Free St Patrick's Day Shamrock Printables by Press Print Party!

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2- Shamrock Headband by DIY Candy

shamrock headband

Kids of all ages will love this adorable and silly shamrock headband. Little kids will need help with the prep work, but the results are so much fun. For an easy-to-use template, check out my printable just above.

3- Shamrock Photo Card by The Soccer Mom Blog

shamrock crafts with pictures for kids.

Make someone’s day with a delightful kid-made shamrock photo card. With its spinning feature, it brings an interactive element to your greetings, making it a memorable keepsake with a lucky charm hidden inside.

4- Pepper Stamping by Simply Full of Delight

girl stamping shamrocks with a red pepper

Use green paint, bell peppers, and paper to create the leaves of the shamrock with ease. Did you know there was a shamrock hiding in bell peppers? Any color bell pepper will work for this craft, but obviously, the green pepper is luckiest.

5- Shamrock Suncatcher by The Best Ideas for Kids

shamrock sun catcher craft

Craft beautiful shamrock suncatchers using laminating paper (or contact paper), tissue paper cut into small squares, and the free printable template. Your kids can make beautiful St. Patty’s Day art and get creative with shades of green or go for a blend of rainbow colors. Even little ones will love the fun sensory play of sticking the tissue paper to the contact paper.

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6- Kids Shamrock Craft by The Inspiration Edit

Shamrock cutouts with glitter

Kids can decorate a shamrock using glitter, sequins, buttons, or anything their imaginations come up with. This St. Patrick’s Day craft for kids can be proudly displayed afterward. A wide age group would love this craft.

7- DIY Good Luck 4-Leaf Clover Card by The Keele Deal

4 leaf clover card

These lucky four-leaf clover crafts are simple and perfect for giving to loved ones along with a sweet gift or treat. Crafted with a free printable template and green paper, this card allows little hands to practice fine motor skills using their scissors.

8- Shamrock Coloring Printable by Lightly Sketched

shamrock coloring page

This printable coloring page blends zentangle designs with shamrocks for some St. Patrick’s Day fun! You can start your shamrock art with a blank design or use Lightly Sketched’s zentangle pattern for inspiration. These also make great decorations for the St. Patrick’s Day holiday season.

9- Puzzle Piece Shamrock Wreath by The Soccer Mom Blog

Shamrock wreath with puzzle pieces.

Looking to make more creative things with your kids? This DIY puzzle-piece shamrock wreath fits the bill. Crafted using a dollar store puzzle, recycled cardboard box, and basic art supplies, this project is budget-friendly. It’s also a great creative use for that puzzle that missing too many pieces to really be fun anymore.

10- ShamROCKS by Sustain My Craft Habit

shamrock painted on rocks crafts.

This project can provide a variety of creative challenges depending on how in-depth you want to go. The craft can start with a trip to a nearby stream or river to collect rocks. Then, paint away! Thar’s gold in them thar hills!

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11- Scrape Painting Shamrock Windsock Craft by Kids Craft Room

shamrock wind sock with paper.

Kids can learn a new painting technique when creating these shamrock windsocks. Scrape painting is a great activity for kids because they can be as creative as they want. Young artists can do a bunch of different colors or just two and the project will still be fun and interesting.

12- Paper Plate St. Patrick’s Day Wreath Craft by The Keele Deal

shamrock wreaths with paper cutouts.

Create a festive St. Patrick’s Day wreath with this easy paper plate craft that younger and older kids can enjoy. Its adorable design makes it a delightful addition to any St. Patrick’s Day decor

13- Monochromatic Shamrock Collage by Barley & Birch

monocromatic shamrock collage

Kids can explore the color green with this monochromatic shamrock collage. Read the blog post for fun and surprising facts you can share with your kids about green and art theory. 

14- Shamrock Preschool Craft by Simple Everyday Mom

cutout 4 leaf clover with googly eyes

Get ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your preschoolers by creating this adorable shamrock preschool craft. With a free printable template and minimal prep (You probably have googly eyes and pipe cleaners), this might quickly become one of your preschooler’s favorite crafts.

15- St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Necklace Craft by Family Focus Blog

clay shamrock craft for kids

Engage your children in a fun and educational experience with this salt dough shamrock craft. These shamrock necklaces are fun to make and will be the perfect accessory for St. Patrick’s Day.

16- Yarn Wrapping Shamrock by Red Ted Art

yarn wrapped shamrocks cutouts

Yarn wrapping gives shamrock crafts a neat texture without making a mess. You can add googly eyes for extra cuteness.

17- Coffee Filter Shamrock Craft by Meet Penny

Shamrock flowers made with coffee filters.

Make a whole bouquet of lucky shamrocks with coffee filters, food coloring, and pipe cleaners. If you’ve read some of my other posts, you know I’m a sucker for tie-dye, so this craft is one of my favorites.

I hope you found the perfect shamrock crafts for your St. Patrick’s Day festivities. But if you need more, I have some fun Leprechaun and rainbow craft ideas for you as well.

To make your St. Patrick’s Day even more fun, think about taking some silly pictures with a set of free photo booth props.

And if you are looking to add an extra Irish touch to your St. Patty’s Day, check out my recipe for corned beef and steamed cabbage. My recipe is simple and delicious. It’s one of our family’s favorite meals!

17 simple shamrock crafts for kids - Press Print Party!

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