13 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Adults and Teens

If you’re looking for creative non-candy Easter basket ideas for adults or just trying to think outside the box of the traditional Easter basket, this post is for you. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to building an Easter basket for an adult or a teen, which can be exciting and overwhelming. That’s why I recommend picking a theme. 

Themes let you customize your Easter basket to the recipient. Think about their favorite hobbies, sports, interests, etc.

2 Easter baskets. one with yarn and one with wine and flowers

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This list of non-candy Easter basket ideas is meant to inspire you to make a themed basket for adults, but it can also be used to help you build a basket for the teen, young adult, or college student in your life. If you’re hoping to give them a basket that will brighten their day without making them feel like a child, you’ve come to the right place.

These baskets can easily be adjusted for any budget. If you only have a little money to spend on a basket, you can head to the Dollar Store to find fun gifts for a good price. 

There are two things I try to avoid for Easter baskets, junky toys and candy. That being said, there are still plenty of items you can buy at discount stores without indulging in either one of these items.

Celebrate love, rebirth, and the beginning of spring, with a personalized Easter basket for the people on your list. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make someone feel special. 

Pick from this list of non-candy Easter basket ideas for adults or come up with your own idea to make someone feel extra loved this Easter.

1- Jesus is the Reason for the Season Easter Basket Ideas

Does your girlfriend or sister celebrate Easter as resurrection Sunday, the day Jesus conquered death? This is a great Easter basket idea for her. Gel pens, scented candles, and fancy tea would also go well in this basket. 

Your Christian basket could include:

2- The Handyman Basket 

An Easter basket filled with DIY-related items might be perfect for the tinkerer in your life. If you aren’t sure what things they might need, go with items that DIY-ers always need more of like sandpaper, clamps, and hand lotion. Maybe even band-aids.

To make this basket extra thematic, you can use a Lowes or Home Depot bucket as the basket.

Your handyman basket could include:

3- The Athlete Basket

Score points and fill this Easter basket with sports accessories that you know your friend or loved one will get good use out of.

Any athlete could benefit from Icy Hot roll-on or sneaker deodorizers. If this gift is for someone who lives in your house, you’ll get to benefit from better-smelling sneakers as well.

4- The Kiss the Cook Easter Basket

Give an Easter basket filled with kitchenware, accessories, and gadgets to the person in your life who loves cooking.

If they are the kind of chef who already has all of the best kitchen tools, check out these creative gift ideas that they will be excited to add to their collection. 

Your home chef basket could include:

5- The Wine Basket

The wine enthusiast in your life will enjoy this basket almost as much as they enjoy Easter brunch!

Be careful, though. You might find yourself building two wine baskets, one for your friend or loved one and one for yourself.

Your wine-lover basket could include:

6- The Pet Parent Basket 

The pet parent basket is an easy one! Collars, collar charms, inexpensive pet clothes, snacks and toys can all be found at any pet store or department store.

Pet photo frames are great too and are easily found in most stores.

Your pet parent basket could include:

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7- The Music Lover Basket 

iTunes gift cards are an obvious choice for music lovers. Great headphones or earbuds are available everywhere for ten dollars or less.

Skins and cases for MP3 players are cool and inexpensive as well. Let’s look at some more creative ideas you can add to your basket.

Your music lover basket could include:

8- The Green Thumb Easter Basket Ideas for Adults

Does your loved one or friend have a gift for gardening? If so, it’s likely they already have the necessary gadgets and tools they need. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t items you can’t replace or improve.

Your gardener’s basket could include:

9- The Crafter Basket Ideas

Craft supplies are easy Easter basket fillers for the crafty person in your life. A gift card to their favorite hobby store might be appreciated.

If you know what kind of crafting they enjoy–like knitting, scrapbooking, or embroidery–you can find items that will help their current projects. Otherwise, here are a few general art supplies they might enjoy.

Your crafter basket could include:

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10- The Treat Yo’ Self Basket

The treat yo’ self basket is easy to fill! Lip balm, nail polish, hair accessories, face mask, lip gloss. The ideas are endless! Gourmet chocolates and snacks would be appropriate too.

Your basket could include:

11- The Brainy Basket

If your friend or loved one is a whiz at Rubik’s cubes and riddles, there are plenty of gifts you can get them, including a sudoku book and brain teasers.

Your brainy basket could include:

12- The Coffee Addict Basket

The coffee addict theme is great for an adult Easter basket. For this basket, we will allow chocolate-covered espresso beans despite our non-candy items rule.

Just picture your favorite coffee lover opening this Easter basket first thing Easter morning and having new coffee toys to play with.

Your coffee lover basket could include:

13- The Inner Child Basket

Encourage someone to let their inner child out with this super fun basket. This gift also doubles as a great kid’s Easter basket, although you might want to choose a different action figure.

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I hope you found some fun ideas for Easter Sunday gifts. 

Feel free to mix and match several ideas and trinkets based on your loved one’s hobbies and interests. 

Easter is about rejoicing and celebrating love. Your family and friends will treasure their gift from their very own Easter Bunny.

Have a few of your own best non-candy Easter basket ideas to share? Let us hear in the comment section! 

Happy Easter!

13 creative easter basket ideas for adults and teens non candy ideas - Press Print Party!

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