St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth Props {Free Printable}

As soon as Valentine’s day ends my kids start planning for St. Patrick’s day. No matter that we don’t have a drop of Irish blood in us, on St. Patrick’s day we’re all Irish in spirit.

Whether you’re having a St. Patrick’s day party or just want to take some silly pictures, these free St. Patrick’s day photo booth printables are for you. As you scroll down to the bottom of this post for your free download, take a moment to read up on some fun St. Patrick’s day facts.

Some fun facts about St. Patrick’s day:

St. Patrick was english

St. Patrick was an English missionary in Ireland in the 5th century. After being captured by pirates and put to work in Ireland as a young man, he was able to escape back to England. After he became a Christian priest, he felt the call to return to Ireland to teach others about Christianity. He died on March 17 461, which became St. Patrick’s day.

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Blue not green

The holiday was first tied to the color blue, which St. Patrick wore. The use of the color green representing the holiday could be a combination of several things. It seemed to have come later in the 18th century when, during the Irish rebellion, the soldiers wore green uniforms. Other reasons for the holiday to be tied to the color green may be that Ireland itself is called the “Emerald Isle”; Shamrocks, which are a prominent Irish symbol, are also green; and the Irish flag features the color green.

Irish flag colors

According to tradition, the green on the Irish flag represents the Catholics and the orange, the Protestants. The white in between symbolizes the peace in between the two.


A Leprechaun is a fairy from Irish folklore. Usually pictured as small, mischievous bearded men wearing a green hat and coat.They spend their time mending shoes which, apparently, is pretty lucrative since they hide all their gold in pots at the end of rainbows to keep it safe.


As can be suspected, the Irish take the holiday seriously with parades and festivals all throughout Ireland. The biggest St. Patrick’s day parade, though, takes place in New York City and was started by some homesick Irish immigrants in 1762.

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You’ve made it! If you can’t see the link below please subscribe to my newsletter and you’ll see it.

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  1. Gina says:

    I am not Irish but also love St. Patrick’s Day. I love the food and light spiritedness of it all. I will be making corned beef and cabbage for sure.

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