Free Santa Letter Printable Template for Kids to Mail

Finally, a simple, fun, easy way to write Santa Claus a message with this FREE printable Santa letter for kids.

Santa’s a pretty talented guy. He’s managed to breed flying deer and live in a place most folks would find unsuitable for human habitation.

He’s built an enormous manufacturing facility and has been able to staff it with a type of creature that most people thought existed only on lawn ornaments and fantasy film series.

The guy’s skills almost don’t seem real. But for anyone who’s ever spent much time in a large organization, you know that it’s the support staff that really do the work.

little girl with Free Santa letter printable template for Kids to Mail - Press Print Party!

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It’s the secretaries and the file clerks that handle the heavy lifting and really save the day.

The CEO may get most of the credit but everyone knows he only did a fraction of the total work.

And the same is true at the North Pole.

It’s the toymakers and the reindeer wranglers and the mail clerks and Naughty and Nice List auditors who really run the show and make the magic happen.

But they can’t even begin their work until they’ve heard from your little ones.

Those gift selectors need some way to prioritize the “Please Please Please” gifts from the “Might Be Fun” gifts. And that’s where you step in.

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Write a personalized letter to Santa

You, parents, grandparents, and family friends are Santa’s unofficial but critical Field Deputies.

You need to make it easy on Santa’s helpers to know your child’s Christmas wish list.

And that’s why I created this free Santa letter printable template. So that your sweet little kiddos can give Santa some idea about what they REALLY want.

Younger children can write a special letter to Santa with easy pre-written prompts.

All you have to do is print the PDF file and all they have to do is fill in the blanks, check that they’re on the Nice List, and write in their Christmas wishes.

girl writing a letter to santa. free printable santa letter template for kids. Press Print Party.

Your little one doesn’t need to be a proficient writer to send a special letter to Santa. It’s a great way to send a short letter and it will work for any writing level from younger to older kids.

The holiday season can be super stressful and Santa needs to know what will make your child’s face light up on Christmas morning.

boy writing a letter to santa on a free printable template. Press Print Party

The text on this free Santa stationery is fixed and NOT editable. If you’d like more flexibility to change the text keep reading, this letter is also part of a Santa letterhead editable kit.

Scroll to the bottom of this post to get the free printable letterhead.

Where to send your letter to Santa

Letters to Santa can be sent through the mail to Santa’s workshop in the North Pole. You could just put “Santa” on the envelope and it would get to him. That’s it, the post office knows Santa’s address and what to do.

But there’s no need to go to the post office, in our house, we have a special Santa letterbox that we hang on the tree. The letters to Santa go in and magically disappear the next night. Sometimes Santa responds right away, sometimes he waits until Christmas morning.

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If you’re a young kid reading this, please let your parents read the rest of this post before you continue.

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