31 Adorable Easter Treats Ideas That Will Make Your Family Smile

Finally, Spring is here! That means we have an excuse to make all kinds of adorable Easter treats. Whether you are looking for the easiest Easter dessert, the cherry on top of your big Easter dinner, or easy recipes that you can make with your whole family as a fun family activity, I’m certain you’ll find something on this list. 

I found loads of super cute homemade treats out there! I’ve organized the list by designs, which include mostly bunnies and chicks, but also some cute flowers, nests, and eggs.

You’ll find a plethora of options for Easter cupcakes, desserts on lollipop sticks, Rice Krispie cereal treats, and so much more. I have no doubt you’ll find something to please the Easter sweet tooth. 


Easter party treat ideas - Press Print Party!
All of these Easter treat recipes are DIY and easy to make, and they come with instructions. So have some fun with the kids this spring and get your creativity on!

Super Cute Bunnies:

Bunnies are plentiful in spring and have come to represent a side of Easter. Personally, I think bunnies are super cute and there are some very clever ways to make fun bunny-shaped treats.

Adorable Easter Treats - bunny butts treats- Press Print Party!1- Bunny Butt Rice Krispies Treats | Savvy Mama Lifestyle

Adorable Easter Treats - bunny pancake - Press Print Party!2- Easter Bunny Pancakes | DIY Candy

Why do an Easter bunny cake when you can have Easter bunny pancakes! Your kids will especially enjoy this if they are breakfast lovers. 

Adorable Easter Treats -bunny peeps in cars - Press Print Party!3- Peeps Mobiles | Crayons & Cravings

If you are looking for Easter treat ideas that don’t require cooking, this is a great option. Plus, when it comes to fun treats, this one takes the cake…a Hostess cake that is.

Adorable Easter Treats - donut bunny cups - Press Print Party!4- Donut Bunny Treat Cups | Gluesticks

Yum! Passing these out to kids, friends, and loved ones would be so much fun!  

Adorable Easter Treats -bunny butt cookies - Press Print Party!5- Easter Bunny Butt Cookies | In The Kids’ Kitchen

These Easter bunny cookies are adorable. I’m not sure which is cuter, though, the bunny hiney or the bunny feet.  

Adorable Easter Treats - bunny cupcake - Press Print Party!6- Hippity Hoppity Bunny Cupcakes | Two Kids and a Coupon

Adorable Easter Treats - bunny brownies - Press Print Party!7- Homemade Brownie Easter Bunnies Recipe | Home Cooking Memories

Adorable Easter Treats - bunny butt cupcakes - Press Print Party!8- Bunny Butt Cupcakes | Operation 40K

Adorable Easter Treats - Hidden bunny cupcakes - Press Print Party!9- Hiding Bunny Cupcakes | This Mama Loves

Adorable Easter Treats - bunny cupcake - Press Print Party!10- DIY Easter Bunny Cupcakes | Press Print Party!

Adorable Chicks

Who can resist an adorable little chick? They are so soft and yellow and represent new life after the dreary winter months.

Adorable Easter Treats - peep chick house - Press Print Party!11- Peeps Chicks House | Crayons & Cravings

These little edible birdhouses just require a few simple ingredients. And the jelly beans add the perfect touch!

Adorable Easter Treats -chick cupcakes - Press Print Party!12- Easter Chick Cupcakes | The Simple, Sweet Life

These Easter cupcakes are easy to make and design. And you could do a lemon flavoring to match the yellow and the vibe of spring. My mouth is watering imagining vanilla cupcakes with lemon buttercream frosting. 

Adorable Easter Treats - nut butter chicks- Press Print Party!13- Nutter Butter Chicks Easter Cookies | The Soccer Mom Blog

With just a little royal icing, you can transform Nutter Butters into Easter eggs.

Adorable Easter Treats - Chick in pancake - Press Print Party!14- Baby Chick Easter Breakfast | The Joys of Boys

Adorable Easter Treats - Chick donuts - Press Print Party!15- Baby Chicks in a nest Donuts | Val Event Gal

Adorable Easter Treats - Chick with nut butter - Press Print Party!16- Nutter Butter Chicks Easter Cookies | Cincy Shopper

If you make these Nutter Butter chicks, I think you have to use an egg carton to rest them in the egg shapes. This is too cute!

Adorable Easter Treats - Chick marshmallows - Press Print Party!17- Spring Chick Marshmallow Pops Recipe | This Mama Loves

Adorable Easter Treats - Chick deviled eggs - Press Print Party!18- Deviled Eggs Chicks | In The Kids’ Kitchen

Adorable Easter Treats - Chick lemon cookies - Press Print Party!19- Easter Chicks Lemon Cookies | The Gold Lining Girl

Adorable Easter Treats - Chicks cupcakes- Press Print Party!20- Easter Chick Cupcakes | Press Print Party!

More Easter Goodness

Nests, flowers, butterflies, sheep, and lambs are all welcomed signs of spring.

Adorable Easter Treats - Nest cupcakes - Press Print Party!21- Surprise Cupcake Baskets for Spring | Sheri silver

Adorable Easter Treats - nest cupcakes - Press Print Party!22- Bird’s Nest Cupcakes | 5 Minutes For Mom

Adorable Easter Treats - lamb cookies - Press Print Party!23- Sugar Cookie Sheep | The Monday Box

Adorable Easter Treats - rice krispies nests - Press Print Party!24- Rice Krispies Nests | Dancing Through The Rain

These Rice Krispie nests are the epitome of springtime with the pastel colors, design, and use of Rice Krispies. 

Adorable Easter Treats - next cake - Press Print Party!25- Robin’s Nest Cake Recipe | Mama’s Geeky

I love the added detail of the chocolate icing on top. And everyone knows that the chef gets first dibs on any excess chocolate.

Adorable Easter Treats - Sunflower cake - Press Print Party!26- Peeps Sunflower Cake | Mission to Save

Using marshmallow peeps and chocolate chips to make a sunflower is so creative yet so simple.

Adorable Easter Treats - flower cupcake- Press Print Party!27- Stunning Rose Bouquet Cupcakes | Press Print Party!

With some cellophane wrap, these cupcakes would be a lovely addition to Easter baskets.

Adorable Easter Treats - flower cupcakes - Press Print Party!28- Sunflower Cupcakes | Dancing Through The Rain

Adorable Easter Treats - lamb cinnamon rolls- Press Print Party!29- Lamb Cinnamon Rolls Recipe | This Mama Loves

 If you’re looking for Easter bunny cinnamon rolls, check out the instructions for lamb cinnamon rolls. You could adapt the cream cheese frosting design to be bunnies but you may find you like the lamb option. 

Adorable Easter Treats - dirt carrot cake- Press Print Party!30- Oreo Dirt Pudding Cake | The Baking ChocolaTess

Adorable Easter Treats - butterfly cupcakes - Press Print Party!31- Simple Butterfly Cupcakes DIY | Press Print Party!

These butterfly cupcakes are the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

What do you think? Can you picture your beautiful Easter dessert table? I sure hope there are one or two of those treats you can’t wait to make. Please tell me in the comment which one is your favorite!

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Adorable Easter Treats Ideas- Press Print Party!

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