Fun Halloween Mermaid Skeleton Makeover

Avast ye dirty scoundrels. Step away from me love or ye’ll taste the edge of me cutlass.

As far as props for my DIY Halloween pirate ship front porch, the mermaid skeleton took center stage.

skeleton mermaid on DIY pirate ship made out of cardboard. Press Print Party!

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As part of the Oriental Trading skeleton squad, I was given the skeleton mermaid and encouraged to do anything I wanted with her.

This is what she looked like when I got her:

mermaid skeletong spooky

She definitely had that spooky gray look but I wanted to give her a mermaid makeover and bring out her true mermaid beauty.

She needed color, a little pizzaz! A bit of mermaid make-up and style.

So I bought 3 cans of spray paint an heirloom white, a purple glitter, and a turquoise glitter.


After spraying the whole mermaid skeleton with the heirloom white I went to town with the glitter paints. I decided to make the tail mostly purple and her ribs turquoise. I also painted her eyes green so they’d sparkle.

skeleton mermaid makeover. Press Print Party!

I did spray some turquoise on the end of the tail to emphasize the pretty ripples.

skeleton mermaid on DIY pirate ship made out of cardboard. Press Print Party!

And of course, all mermaids need a little bling, so I raided my girls’ jewelry stash and outfitted my mermaid with a few necklaces, rings and bracelets.

Mermaid jewelery on mermaid skeleton - Press Print Party!

For her hair, I used some fiberoptic light up hair strands and secured them with a bandana.

I wanted her to sparkle in the night.

skeleton mermaid on DIY pirate ship made out of cardboard. night lighting LED purple lightPress Print Party!


I’m sure there are lots more options that you can think of for a mermaid skeleton makeover. Wigs, shells, coconut bra, and leis would all work great.

I couldn’t help but take a selfie with her.

me and a skeleton mermaid. Press Print Party!

I had a ton of fun giving my skeleton mermaid her makeover. Go check out the DIY on the whole Halloween haunted pirate ship I created on my front porch. It’s kind of awesome.

diy pirate ship- haunted pirate ship- Halloween porch decor ideas - Halloween Front porch ideas - Halloween porch decor - pirate decorations - Pirate skeleton - Mermaid skeleton - Press Print Party!

Fun Halloween mermaid skeleton makeover

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