How to Make a Big Beach Ball Cake with m&ms®

How to make a beach ball cake with m&ms - tutorial- Press Print Party!

When planning our pool party, I created all the printables with a beach ball theme. So it seemed like the perfect time to learn how to make a beach ball cake. In my search, I came across a beach ball cake decorated with m&ms® HERE. It looked like so much fun! And with my passionate dislike of fondant, I was sold! But, the cake in the linked post was so small. The Pool Party Beach Ball Birthday Bash - Ideas and decorations by Press Print Party! Beach ball cake and table

Fortunately, I found this hemisphere pan on Amazon. I opted for the 9-inch pan and it was the perfect size for my project.

Because I’m using a bigger pan I didn’t think that making the whole ball out of cake batter would work. I was afraid the bottom layer would crumble while trying to hold the weight of the top. Mostly, I was doubtful in my ability to pull it off.

The solution was to make the bottom half out of Rice Krispies® treats. They’re stronger and created a solid foundation for your cake on the top half.

You will need:

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