Teapot Piñata DIY Tutorial for a Tea Party

Making your own piñatas is fun, easy, and messy so the kids love it! We created this teapot piñata to match the girl’s tea party. Here’s how to do it yourself:

First, blow up a balloon and make a paste with flour and water. There are plenty of recipes out there for paper maché paste but I like things easy so I just pour some white flour in a bowl and add water gradually until I have a consistency I’m happy with. Usually 1 part flour to 1 part water.

Dip strips of newspaper in the paste and “glue” them to the balloon. Keep in mind the flour paste makes a strong glue so only a 2-3 of layers of paper strips will do. Our piñatas always end up pretty hard, but for this one, the kids just went to town with layers and my husband dubbed it the concrete piñata :).

Make sure you leave the top open.

Let it dry overnight and go pick up some foam pipe insulation at your local hardware store and some packaging tape. Pop and remove the balloon.

Cut 2 pieces of the foam pipe insulation, one for the spout and one for the handle. Secure with the tape.

Cut another piece of foam insulation for the top and again secure with tape.

The decorations were done with crepe paper that we fringed with scissors and little flowers also made with crepe paper. Start at the bottom and glue the fringed crepe paper around with regular white glue.

You’ll need to create holes for the rope with a knife or the drill. Fill with candy from the top.

And here is the teapot piñata in action!

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