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How to Make a Roaming Gnome Piñata for an Amazing Race Party

Our Roaming Gnome piñata was one of the highlights of our Amazing Race Party. The [...]

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How to Make a Popcorn Box Pinata

This popcorn box pinata was a huge success at our backyard movie night birthday party! [...]


Pineapple Piñata Tutorial, the Good, the Bad and the Funny!

Piñatas are fun. They’re a little wild and colorful and messy, both during their creation [...]


Eiffel Tower Pinata Tutorial for a Paris Party

I do love a good piñata. Don’t you? Kids love them and it’s an exciting [...]


Teapot Piñata DIY Tutorial for a Tea Party

Making your own piñatas is fun, easy, and messy so the kids love it! We [...]


33 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas for Kids to Countdown Until Christmas

Christmas, especially for kiddos is about the best thing in the world. There’s special songs [...]

5 Creative Hunger Games Party Activities and Tribute Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Coming up with some great Hunger Games party activities for my teens’ birthday party was [...]

Our Epic Hunger Games Party Theme for Our Teens’ Birthdays

A Hunger Games party theme is perfect for teens. It combines excitement, competition, and creativity [...]

83 Punny 2nd Birthday Party Ideas Also Perfect for Twins

Time for two-year-old birthday ideas already? Where has the time gone? I’ve got some fantastic [...]

10 Unique Themes for First Birthdays with Clever Puns

There are tons and tons of clever, fun themes for a baby’s first birthday. And [...]