225 FUNtastic Summer Bucket List Ideas

The kids REALLY wanted to do fun things this summer and so I needed lots of summer bucket list ideas!

My search had me all over the web to find all the fun ideas I just couldn’t think of for my own summer bucket list.

My search was very productive and I really wanted to share it. On top of that, once you’ve decided on the best of the best you can get my free summer bucket list printable, edit it with your own fun summer activities, and keep those awesome goals in front of you.

It’s a great way to use it as a reminder for those times you’re tempted to get mopey and plod around the house in your underwear.

225 summer bucket list ideas. summer to do list

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You’re not going to check off all 225 ideas. My goodness, that’d be a full-time job! And it’d probably ruin most of the fun. But I hope some of these will spark your creativity. I just wanted to give you a little push for more fun this summer.

I organized my summer bucket list ideas in categories because my brain works better that way rather than trying to think through a huge jumbled-up list of summer activities.

Here you’ll find some great ideas for crafts, eating, relaxing, traveling, playing, things just for fun, and yes, even learning and working around the house.

Make some new crafts this summer

Summer is the perfect time to get crafting. Especially on those super hot summer days when you don’t want to get out of the air-conditioned house!

    1. Make slime
    2. Make a piñata
    3. Make paper airplanes
    4. Play with salt dough
    5. Have a craft night with friends
    6. Make a puppet
    7. Make nail art
    8. Complete a DIY project
    9. Paint rocks
    10. Attend an art or craft class
    11. Make a summer scrapbook
    12. Paint tattoos on your legs or arms with body paint or washable markers

Summer Bucket List Ideas for the Foodie

Summer is more than hot dogs and hamburgers, it’s a great time to learn to make things from scratch.

    1. Make S’mores
    2. Have a picnic
    3. Make homemade ice cream
    4. Bake a cake
    5. Bake cupcakes
    6. Have friends over for dinner
    7. Make lemonade
    8. Get ice cream from the ice cream truck
    9. Bake cookies
    10. Make root beer floats
    11. Eat funnel cake
    12. Eat corn on the cob
    13. Eat chili cheese dogs
    14. Drink a tropical drink
    15. Have a BBQ with friends
    16. Make popsicles
    17. Make apple sauce
    18. Make homemade pasta
    19. Make homemade pizza
    20. Eat a Sno-cone
    21. Try a new restaurant (The more exotic the better)
    22. Make cake pops
    23. Get lunch from a food truck
    24. Make pancakes
    25. Make dinner on the grill
    26. Eat dinner outside
    27. Make a pie
    28. Make jam
    29. Have an over the top milkshake
    30. Try a new fruit (The farmer’s market or an international market is great for that).

Put Some Things on Your Summer Bucket List Just for Fun

There are many creative ways to have fun. Choose a couple you’ve never done but always wanted to.

    1. Write a book
    2. Keep a journal
    3. Catch fireflies
    4. Use the fire pit
    5. Sing more
    6. Make a fairy garden
    7. Vacation Bible School
    8. Use your gift cards
    9. Date night once a week
    10. Do random acts of kindness
    11. Take lots of photos
    12. Watch fireworks
    13. Watch old cartoons
    14. Stay up past midnight
    15. Go on a Ferris wheel
    16. Have a slumber party
    17. Watch a meteor shower
    18. Dye the tips of your hair a funky color
    19. Make a summer music playlist
    20. Have a photoshoot with friends
    21. Have an outdoor movie night
    22. Do something nice for a neighbor
    23. Take candid photos of family members
    24. Buy a new dress
    25. Take a picture each day
    26. Have theme days
    27. Organize a block party
    28. Send a postcard
    29. Buy a new pair of sandals
    30. Make a time capsule
    31. Have a sleepover
    32. Camp out in the backyard
    33. Have a nature scavenger hunt

Explore Exciting Places over the summer

Now that you have a little more free time, it may be time to visit some new places and have new adventures.

    1. Go fruit picking
    2. Go to the pool
    3. Go to the beach
    4. Go to the zoo
    5. Go to the museum
    6. Go to the amusement park
    7. Go to the water park
    8. Go to the planetarium
    9. Go to the aquarium
    10. Go to the botanical gardens
    11. Visit downtown
    12. Go to see a blockbuster movie
    13. Go to an outdoor concert or music festival
    14. Visit family
    15. Visit friends
    16. Go on a retreat
    17. Go on a bike ride
    18. Go to the circus
    19. Go to the carnival
    20. Go to summer camp
    21. Go on a camping trip with family
    22. Go to garage sales
    23. Go to the farmer’s market
    24. Swim in a lake
    25. Go on a road trip
    26. Go to a professional sports game
    27. Hike a new trail
    28. Ride a roller coaster
    29. Go bowling
    30. Go to a dollar movie
    31. Go to the nature center
    32. Visit a farm
    33. Go to the pet store
    34. Go to a parade
    35. Visit Grandpa and Grandma
    36. Visit a new playground or local park
    37. Tour a fire station
    38. Go on a factory tour
    39. Go to the aquatic center
    40. Go to the library
    41. Bonfire at the beach
    42. Go dancing
    43. Go to a drive-in movie
    44. Go laser tag
    45. Explore a new town
    46. Go on a spontaneous day trip
    47. Go feed the ducks
    48. Indulge in a spa day!
    49. Go snorkeling
    50. Visit a state park or a national park
    51. Go to a petting zoo
    52. Go see a show at the theater
    53. Go geocaching
    54. Go to a tea house
    55. Go to the arcade
    56. Go to the trampoline park
    57. Explore tide pools
    58. Go to an exotic grocery store
    59. Go hiking
    60. Go fishing

Take the Time to Learn Something New this Summer

This is the time of year to learn a new skill that will last a lifetime.

    1. Practice skipping stones
    2. Learn to sew
    3. Learn to play an instrument
    4. Learn to knit
    5. Learn to crochet
    6. Learn to surf
    7. Boogie board and catch a wave
    8. Paint with watercolors
    9. Learn origami
    10. Learn to do calligraphy
    11. Make balloon animals
    12. Take a class
    13. Teach my pet a trick
    14. Overcome a fear
    15. Learn a magic trick
    16. Learn a new language

Fun things for kids to do with friends, or you!

Kids just want to play, that’s quality time for them. So turn off your phone and engage in fun activities for them.

    1. Blow bubbles
    2. Play with chalk
    3. Fly a kite
    4. Have a water fight
    5. Build a fort
    6. Play in the sprinklers
    7. Build a sandcastle
    8. Build a stomp rocket launcher
    9. Play board games
    10. Have a water balloon fight
    11. Swing on the swings
    12. Play Frisbee
    13. Play hopscotch
    14. Finger paint
    15. Go on a treasure hunt
    16. Play cricket
    17. Play badminton
    18. Make an obstacle course
    19. Catch bugs
    20. Make a movie
    21. Play mini-golf
    22. Play Twister
    23. Have a pillow fight
    24. Play cards
    25. Jump on a trampoline
    26. Make a pillow fort
    27. Have family game nights
    28. Jump rope
    29. Do a puzzle
    30. Play with glow sticks
    31. Use a Slip ‘n Slide
    32. Have a lemonade stand
    33. Ride a carousel
    34. Rent a bounce house
    35. Build a blanket fort
    36. Play Bingo

Don’t Forget to Relax too

Your ultimate summer bucket list doesn’t have to be full of busy activities, the simple act of spending the whole day barefoot counts in my book. Less stress makes for a better summer.

    1. Watch an old movie
    2. Stay in bed until noon
    3. Sleep in (a lot)
    4. Take a walk in the park
    5. Watch a sunrise
    6. Watch a sunset
    7. Go birdwatching
    8. Go stargazing
    9. Take walks in the neighborhood
    10. Watch clouds
    11. Sleep in a hammock
    12. Collect seashells
    13. Sleep in a tent in the backyard
    14. Pick flowers
    15. Write a thank you note to a friend
    16. Call an old friend
    17. Go screen-free for a day, maybe even a whole weekend
    18. Have breakfast in bed
    19. Stay in pajamas all-day
    20. Go barefoot for a day
    21. Start a blessings jar
    22. Read the Bible every day
    23. Write a letter to a soldier
    24. Join the Library summer reading program
    25. Read a book

Make Good Use of Those Extra Summer Light Hours

It may be time to be productive this summer.

    1. Wash the car
    2. Make overdue home repairs
    3. Volunteer
    4. Wash the dog
    5. Have a garage sale
    6. Clean your room
    7. Organize your closet
    8. Exercise everyday
    9. Clean the garage
    10. Repaint a wall
    11. Refinish furniture
    12. Plant a tree
    13. Plant flowers

So what do you plan to do this summer? Do you have more fun summer bucket list ideas to add to this list? Let me know in the comments.

I wish you good times and much fun and may this be the best summer ever!

So, go, explore, create!! And don’t forget to go get your free printable summer bucket list!

Pin it these fun summer bucket list ideas for next year too:

225 FUNtastic Summer Bucket List Ideas for summer activities to do list

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2 thoughts on “225 FUNtastic Summer Bucket List Ideas

  1. Sarina Kinnunen says:

    I love this list Nathalie! I like the one about swimming in a lake. We visited our relatives in Minnesota and we jumped off the boat and went swimming. It felt like old times when I was a kid!

  2. John says:

    Great list!
    A few of these would have happened without even trying but there’s some great ideas here.
    My oldest already got eaten by mosquitos sleeping outside. So we can cross that off her summer to-do list. But I can’t wait to go stargazing.

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