Frosted Christmas Wreaths with Letters Tutorial – NOEL

The boring hallway of our church needed some holiday spirit so I came up with these lovely Christmas wreaths to cheer it up. They are pretty simple to make and add a huge focal impact to any space.

One side of the hallway says NOEL. And the other says JOY.

You will need:

– Letters (here N,O,E, L – but it would work with JOY or any other combination). I found these at Michael’s.

– Green Wreaths – One for each letter.

– Pinecones – Four for each wreath.

– Epsom salt and glitter for the frosting process.

– Fake red berries.

– A strip of burlap.

– Glue gun.

– White glue.

– Green wire.

– Sanding paper.

Refer to this tutorial to frost the pinecones. Then spread white glue to some of the wreath branches and add the Epsom salt/glitter mixture to frost.

Hot glue the green wire to the ends of the pinecones

and attach them to the wreath.

Sand the edges and some of the middle of the letters to antique them a bit. Spread white glue over the top and sprinkle the frosting mixture.

Hot glue the letters to the wreath by bending some branches to hold the letter in place.

Hot glue some red berries to the bottom and add the burlap strip to the top.

Et voila!

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