How to Make Tissue Paper Tassels & Garlands

Tissue paper tassels are my go-to decorations for any party. They’re cheap, super festive, and easy for anyone to help make.

Tassel garlands are especially fun to string outside where they’ll enthusiastically flutter in the wind.

They can be made in any color you can find tissue paper in. Even Mylar works and it adds a sparkly touch to your party. So match up the colors and get started.

This is a great project to do with girlfriends, a bunch of bridesmaids or kids.

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Tissue Paper Tassels Garland Materials

You only need one sheet of tissue paper, a pair of scissors and some twine to string all the tassels together. Some tacky glue is optional but helpful.

Each sheet of tissue paper will make 2 tassels.

Here I used a 20″x20″ sheet of tissue paper (Dollar Store baby!) but you can use a 20″x26″ also; you’ll just get bushier tassels.

Fold in half and cut the folded edge

Fold in half again

Cut fringe

Place a ruler on the folded edge about 1 inch down. This will keep you from cutting the fringe too high. Now cut the lines about 1/2 inch apart making sure to leave 1 inch at the top. If you have it, you can use a rotary cutter for this step. I also have a much faster method to cut fringes if you don’t mind them being not so perfect. You can check that method in the rainbow tissue paper garland DIY post.

Unfold the fringed tissue paper

Open the tissue paper. You will have 2 sheets. Separate them and follow the rest of the instructions for each.

Roll tightly from the center


Twist the tissue paper tightly at the center.

Fold and Twist

Fold in half and twist the center together to make a hole. It’s a good idea to add and little tacky craft glue at the twist.

String your tissue paper garland

Make a whole bunch and string them together with some twine to give it that vintage look.

There you have it.

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Colorful Tissue paper tassels garlands diy how to make tassels garland. Dollar Store DIY - Press Print Party!
Colorful Tissue paper tassels garlands diy how to make tassels garland. Dollar Store DIY - Press Print Party!

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