4 Free Halloween Treat Bags Printables

The weather is starting to cool down and in just a few weeks the place will be overrun with a million little princesses and ghosts and goblins. You can get a jump on all that sugar infused craziness with this whimsical set of free Halloween treat bags printables!!

These little free Halloween printable paper favor bags are the perfect DIY for giving out goody bags with candy at a Halloween party or for school. They’re easy to print on regular paper and a breeze to put together.

You get all 4! Frankenstein, a ghost, a black cat and a Jack O’ Lantern. Each one prints on regular letter sized paper.

Each kid could even choose their own to give to their classmates!

You can make these Halloween treat bags personalized by typing in some text on the back. Each bag is editable with 3 lines of text, or if that’s just too much work for you, you can delete the text and the background color will print instead. Just make sure you open the file in the latest free Adobe Reader.

They are the perfect size to fill with a little bit of candy or a small baggie of snack mix.

Hope you have a wonderful Halloween, and remember, go easy on candy, it’s supposed to be the kids’.

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How cute is this ghost holding a ghost! And you can also check out my tutorial on how to make the ghost costume.

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12 thoughts on “4 Free Halloween Treat Bags Printables

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  2. Lorena says:

    I’m not sure I could pull these off since I have 3 kids with 3 classes of 25 kids each, but I will making them as treats for my own kids during the month of October, possibly one for each Friday.
    I would love to see these as fold over bag toppers, is that possible? They would be a lot easier to cut out and just staple on to a good bag/sandwichbag of treats.

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