Easy Rustic Christmas Table Centerpiece w. FREE Music Sheet Banner

Rustic decorations for Christmas are always so warm and welcoming. And, as a bonus, so easy to make! This DIY rustic Christmas centerpiece originated from the need to make 40 of them for an Advent dinner event with a teensy weensy budget.

Always a challenge I’m willing to take on.

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Rustic Christmas centerpiece supplies

The set up for the Christmas centerpiece itself is pretty simple:

The wood came from a downed plum tree in my back yard. Look around, you’ll find wood to cut.

I cut all the limbs with a chop saw. It made for a quick job and the top and bottoms are very close to level.

The mason jar is painted white with chalk paint. You could use matte spray paint with similar results.

The red and cream colored twine holds a wrapped piece of burlap securely onto the white mason jar. The rustic jingle bell, bought at the craft store, gives it a nice old fashioned look.

The fake red berries I also bought at the craft store during a really good sale early in the season.

The pinecones were collected in the mountains during a picnic with friends. And the greenery was gathered from the free cuttings of Christmas trees at Home Depot.

When you place greenery on the platter and in the jar, please be aware that there’s a right side and a wrong side to the branches. The needles should be pointing up. Also, don’t’ be afraid to let the branches flow over and beyond the tray for a more authentic look.

Now they’re all ready to be sprayed with the fake snow.

Now it’s time to place the owls on their pedestal.


How I wish I had taken a picture of these owls before they got painted! The original color was bubble gum pink!

It takes an amazing imagination to see a bubble gum pink owl at the garden section of the dollar store and think: “That would just be perfect for my rustic table decoration.”

Thanks to Becky, my friend, and fellow crafter extraordinaire for seeing the beauty through that neon ugliness. Since the top had a hole for a candle, they were a great fit to add some lighting to the centerpiece; and I just knew that Becky could work her paint magic on these ugly, little buggers. They came out incredible!

Becky explained that she first gave the owls a generous coat of white craft paint then gently rubbed a bit of brown paint on them with a dry brush. 

A glossy clear coat of spray paint and voila!

From ugly to beautiful. This gal’s a magician.

Rustic Christmas table place settings

Time to get inside and set the tables.

The centerpiece should set the tone for the rest of the table. In keeping with the rustic Christmas theme, I chose a dark brown tablecloth on which the snowy branches would really pop.

The table numbers I designed with a piece of Christmas sheet music. I printed them on cream paper and rubbed brown ink on the edges to create a natural antique look.

The file to create these table numbers is available for free at the end of this post.

You can even use them to make banners:


For the rest of the settings, I copied another Christmas Hymn unto 11″x17″ cream paper and again rubbed brown ink on the edges for that worn look.

The result was 36 amazing tables and a lovely evening with family and friends!

One disclaimer: The spray snow adheres rather loosely so if you’re not gentle with sprayed pieces you may end up with a tablecloth or a storage box that unintentionally looks VERY festive. Not a big problem but sometimes a surprise if you haven’t dealt much with spray snow.

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