Brighten Someone’s Day with a Box Full of Sunshine!

Sometimes, we want to show our love and sympathy to someone who’s hurting but we just don’t have the words.

Even if you don’t know what to say, you can put together a cheer-up care package that will bring someone out of a bad day and show you care.

Give them sunshine in a box to brighten their day! You’ll find fun box of sunshine ideas and printables to get you started.

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When one of the ladies in my bible study group got the devastating news that she had breast cancer, we all banded together and set a meal schedule for her and her family. I didn’t know her well but as I thought about what I was going to cook, I figured it would be kind to bring some light into such a dark time in her life.

What to put in your sunshine box

I choose to use a regular shipping box and wrap it in yellow wrapping paper. But I’d encourage you to think outside the box. Any yellow container will do. You could choose a yellow gift bag, a pretty basket with yellow filler, or even a yellow sand pail.

To fill the box, I bought every yellow item I found. From a silly emoji toy, hand cream, Carmex and a plastic lei to delicious Toblerone chocolates, banana chips, lemonade, yellow m&ms, and even yellow nail polish.

Other things you can include that are yellow or you can find with a yellow packaging:

I wrapped the lot in yellow tissue paper and placed them in my yellow wrapped “sunshine” box.

Sunshine box printable cards

Then I designed the cheeriest sun I could muster and used it to create sunshine printables to bring a smile to her face.

Now in remission, she has thanked me repetitively over several months. I had no idea the impact that simple gesture would have on her.

If you know someone who’s hurting, a sunshine box is a very easy, inexpensive, and thoughtful way to brighten their day!

It’s a great gift to convey sympathy for a friend who’s feeling blue, hurting, has cancer or grieving a loss.

All the sunshine printables are available in my shop for the simple price of a card. The sunshine box printable package now contains an editable card, a “sunshine bag” card and gift tags.

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