3 DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins for Fall w. FREE Printable Designs

I wanted a little change of pace in my fall decorations this year. So after seeing a bunch of decorated chalkboard pumpkins on Pinterest, I decided to make my own.

I wanted to have a fall decoration that would last all season and work for Halloween as well as Thanksgiving.

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And I wanted something with a farmhouse feel. No more bright orange, let’s go for black and white and some golds this year.

So I picked up one of those big orange foam pumpkins at the store and painted it with black chalkboard paint. 

The idea was to use chalks to write different sayings for the different holidays. 

 The big bonus is that chalk is easy to erase so you can change your mind as often as you wish.

I decided to use orange chalk to write a big “BOO” for Halloween, and white chalk to make a pretty calligraphy “Give Thanks” for Thanksgiving, and a handwritten “Fall” for the rest of the time.

I’m thinking of using the “Give Thanks” design as a centerpiece for my Thanksgiving table. I also wanted it to match my new black chalkboard pumpkin place cards. I have the same pumpkin cards in orange and teal as well:

Since my calligraphy skills are not very good, I made myself printable templates to use on my black chalkboard pumpkin. But you could use these templates with any chalkboard to make yourself a pretty sign as a fall decoration.

Using the templates and getting the chalk on the pumpkin is easy once you know how to do it.

So let’s get started shall we:

Materials needed for you chalkboard pumpkin:

You could use chalk pens, those liquid markers for blackboard signs. I decided not to because they’re not that easy to erase. They tend to leave a mark which means you may have to repaint your pumpkin a bit when you want to change the design.

 I also love the look of real chalk, it’s much more rustic looking and better for the farmhouse decoration look I was going for. Chalk pens, to me, look a bit too much like paint.

How to draw a design on your chalkboard pumpkin

Paint your pumpkin with the black chalk paint. I used about 2-3 thin coats to make sure no orange peeked though.

Once your pumpkin is painted go ahead and print the template you’d like to use. I have three printable templates available for free (the download link is at the end of this post), “BOO”, “Fall” and “Give Thanks”.

You’re going to use the long side of your chalk and cover-up at the back side of the design in chalk.

 Now turn the design over and tape the paper onto your pumpkin.

 Use a pencil (or the end of a small brush like I did here) to go over the outline of the design. Don’t press too hard or you’ll damage your pumpkin.

When you take the paper away you will see a faint outline of your design.

Go ahead and use the pointy end of your chalk to fill in between the lines. It sometimes helps to wet the chalk to get better coverage.

When done, use a wet paper towel to clean up your design.

 And that’s it. 

You now have a beautiful black chalkboard pumpkin that will follow you through fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

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