Free Printable Santa Beard Countdown Advent Calendar

With December 1st just around the corner, it’s time to start gearing up for Christmas Day. And what better way to get the countdown rolling than with a jolly Santa beard?

This cute Santa beard countdown is a super easy craft that’s perfect for young children, and it’s guaranteed to bring some extra holiday cheer to your home.

free printable santa beard countdown template with coloring page for cotton balls Santa beard - Press Print Party

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Starting from December 1st, this free printable is a fun way for kids to visually see how many days are left until Santa Claus makes his grand appearance.

The anticipation will build as they will watch Santa’s beard grow longer and longer as we get closer to the big day.

Children will glue cotton balls to fill in the beard and can personalize their Santa beard countdown any way they can imagine. Does Santa have pink polka dots in his beard? He does if you’ve got a little food coloring! Does Santa have crumbs in his beard? He does if your kiddos add ’em. Colors? Dinosaurs? Elves? He’s got ’em all if your kids say so. 

So, grab your free printable, gather your supplies, and get ready to add a fun and festive touch to your December days. Let the Santa Beard countdown to Christmas morning begin!

Supplies needed for your Santa Beard Christmas Countdown

Your supplies may change depending on if you want to use the color version of the Christmas countdown calendar or the coloring page.

free printable santa beard countdown template with coloring page for cotton balls Santa beard - Press Print Party

You’ll need:

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How to use the Santa Beard Countdown Calendar

Print your chosen Santa countdown on white paper or white cardstock.

If you’ve chosen the coloring page, you’ve got to first let your kids color Santa Claus.

free printable santa beard countdown template with coloring page for cotton balls Santa beard - Press Print Party

Then, on December 1st, have them take a cotton ball and dab some glue on the back of it, then stick it onto the first circle on the calendar.

Do this every day until December 24th, and by the time Christmas day rolls around, you’ll have a full and fluffy Santa beard on your calendar!

It’s a fun and festive Christmas craft to do with the kids as a way to count down to Santa’s arrival. And hey, if you miss a day, no big deal – just catch up by adding a few extra cotton balls the next day.

Christmas Santa Beard Cotton Ball Christmas countdown calendar for kids - Press Print Party

And on Christmas Eve, Santa’s arrival is finally around the corner, and his beard will be complete

The important thing is to have fun with it and enjoy the countdown to Christmas day. So go ahead, get your Santa beard advent calendar ready, and let the Christmas countdown begin!

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How to Display Your Santa Christmas Calendar

You can leave your Santa beard countdown craft on a table where the kids have easy access, or simply tape or pin it to the wall maybe somewhere close to the Christmas tree.

If the paper is on the wall though, you will have to hold the cotton ball until the glue dries a bit so it doesn’t fall.

Either way, when the kids will wake up each day that’s the first thing they’ll want to do. And as a bonus, your littlest ones will be working on their fine motor skills and number recognition.

If you’re looking to make your DIY countdown a little more sophisticated, I also have a post with a whole bunch of Christmas Advent calendar ideas (soon). Those countdowns to Christmas are packed with fun activities or little gifts. Several are printable advent calendars, but many are easy Christmas crafts that double as Christmas decor.

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I’ve also got lots more free printables and tons of ideas for the holiday season, like a free coloring book, a free Santa letter, and free Christmas games.

I hope that this Christmas season will truly be the most wonderful time of the year for you and your family.

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free printable santa beard countdown template with coloring page for cotton balls Santa beard - Press Print Party

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