30 DIY Gifts for Mom for Christmas, Mother’s Day, or her Birthday

Finding DIY gifts for Mom for Christmas, Mother’s Day, or even her birthday, can be difficult. You want that amazing Mother’s day gift that touches her heart. Or you’re looking for the birthday or Christmas gift that makes her feel loved

I’ve always loved giving and receiving DIY gifts so I thought I’d list some of my favorite ideas to put you on the right path to make the perfect gift for YOUR mom.

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There’s a little bit for everyone here with a section for those who know how to sew, another if you’re not afraid to work with wood, then a list of things to make to pamper Mom. Finally, there’s a list if you just need some easy, creative DIY ideas. Even if all you know how to do is wield a glue gun, there’s something for you on this list of handmade gifts.

Another note about this list, if you’ve decided to go the DIY route to create an amazing Mother’s day gift or Christmas/birthday present, you’ve come to the right place. You’re about to find some original and extremely thoughtful gifts, completed by your personal touch. 

Be sure to keep in mind if you have a lot of time or just a little time to work on special DIY gifts to ensure you can finish them in time. 



DIY Gifts to sew for Mom

tote bags to sew tutorial with flamingos fabric.

What mom couldn’t use another tote bag?  The instructions from Swoodson Says are both clear and easy. Choose a fun fabric and you’re on your way to making a great gift for Mom. This is an especially practical gift that allows for lots of creative ways for personalization, like simply using fabric with your mom’s favorite color. 

cute pillow with pink flowers made with kid's clothes. gift for mom

The flowers on this super cute pillow from Sustain my Craft Habit are actually made from recycled baby clothes. What mom isn’t a sucker for a gift that reuses her kids’ clothing? A homemade Mother’s Day gift that incorporates her baby’s old clothes will definitely become one of her favorite gifts. 

cowl scarf to sew as a gift for mom.

This cowl scarf from Happiest Camper is very easy to sew even for a novice.  It will keep mom warm on those cold winter days. This would be an extra thoughtful gift for those moms that enjoy camping. 

bowl covers made with fabric

I own several reusable bowl covers that my hubby bought on Etsy years ago. I’ve been wanting to make my own and I’ve researched many tutorials but this one is the best. The pictures from DIY Danielle don’t do it justice, but her instructions are very detailed and include the exact type of fabric to use on the inside of the cover. Help Mom improve her potluck game with this great gift idea.

ipad or tablet stand tutorial diy with fun fabric.

I made this iPad stand from Teresa Down Under for my own mom a couple of years back.  I loved it so much I even made one for myself. It’s a great iPad stand if you like to watch shows on it in bed.  You could also make a smaller one for a phone.

In my opinion, the perfect Mother’s Day gift makes her life better or easier in a way she hadn’t thought of. 

lavender bags sewing for gift for mom

These little house lavender bags from Sum of Their Stories are easy to sew and would make a great addition to any linen closet. They sure remind me of the south of France. All of our wonderful moms deserve to have a house that smells like lavender! 

Homemade Gifts for Mom with Wood

simply blessed wood frame with pictures for gift for mom

This rustic wood frame from Crafts by Amanda will become one of Mom’s favorite keepsakes for sure. This design would be an easy project. And, if you’re looking for a memorable way to announce a pregnancy on Mother’s Day, this would be a great way to do so.

farmhouse wood tray diy on blanket

If you know your way around a saw and wood stains you’ll love to make Mom this farmhouse serving tray from She Saved. And if you’re not so comfortable with the saw you could always have the wood cut to size at your local home improvement store. This serving tray sets you up well for next year’s Mother’s Day, birthday, or Christmas gift to your mom: breakfast in bed!

Although, if moms are being honest, all occasions can be special occasions that are worthy of breakfast in bed. 

love sign with rope on wood - diy gift for mom

I’m totally in love with this reclaimed wood rope love sign from Funky Junk Interiors. Some wood, rope, a hot glue gun, and a couple of nails are pretty much all you will need to make this beautiful sign.

I can picture this as part of a beautiful centerpiece in the living room. 

bestest mon in all the land diy wood sign

You’ll find how to use stencils to make this reclaimed wood sign on Hometalk. I love how she stenciled each word on a different piece and hung them together to make a one-of-a-kind sign. If your mom is a sucker for signs, she will love this DIY present. 

string art mason jar - diy gift for mom

String art on a reclaimed wood sign has such a sweet elegance, don’t you think? The instructions for the DIY mason jar string art from Chaotically Yours are meant for a beginner to the craft. Mom will love it.

farmhouse style Rae Dunn inspired wooden coffee bar sign and mom mug - Love is brewing - Press Print Party!

If Mom loves coffee, you can make this easy coffee bar sign with a block of wood and the pretty, farmhouse inspired printable signs from my shop. You can add in a tea towel to make it a gift of three items. 

wooden tray over bathtub

And for the mom who loves to take long luxurious baths, you can make this gorgeous DIY wood bathtub tray with instructions from Making Manzanita. This DIY project would pair nicely with some of the luxurious gifts in the next section. 

DIY Gifts for Pampering Mom

winter heat pack rice packs with a bow and a tag.

As we grow older our bodies tend to ache in all kinds of places. These DIY rice heat packs from Organized 31 do require a little sewing but every time she gets relief from her aches and pains, she’ll think of you and your thoughtful gift.

Chunky hand knitted blanket in yellowe to make for gift for mom

You don’t need to know how to knit to make this hand-knitted blanket with chunky yarn. The instructions from Hungarican Journey are very complete and will guide you through your yarn selection with ease. This is a surprisingly easy project that looks amazing when it’s finished. 

If your mom is a fan of crafting, creating chunky knit blankets make the list of  fun and easy mother’s day craft ideas. You can make an activity of it or collect all the material and instructions she needs to make her own blanket. 

how to make bath salts for gifts

Hill City Bride will take you through how to make any kind of homemade bath salts for gifts. Definitely a great little present or personalized stocking stuffers. Nothing says “happy mother’s day” like an invitation to enjoy a nice bath. And you get to include some wonderful essential oils.

pink loofah soaps on wood table

These exfoliating loofah soaps can be expensive in the store but Happy Mothering shows you exactly how to DIY these beautiful homemade soap with ease. This is just what special moms need at the end of a long day.

diy bath bombs for relaxation and reducing anxiety. blue and green.

Another must-have item for the bath-loving mom are these anxiety-reducing bath bombs from ConservaMom. The wonderful moms in your life need these!

pink foaming lavender scrub diy recipe

Lavender being my favorite scent, I couldn’t resist this DIY foaming lavender sugar scrub from DIY Beauty Base. She will love receiving this DIY sugar scrub no matter the season or occasion. 

vanilla sugar recipe

If Mom is a baker she’ll love to have some vanilla sugar on hand for those special treats. It’s also good in hot coffee or tea. Find the recipe on Pina Bresciani. While she uses this gift, it also serves are pretty home decor!

peppermint bark soap diy recipe christmas gift

If you’re looking for a DIY gift for Mom for Christmas, these homemade peppermint bark soaps from Pink Fortitude would be a great addition to a pampering gift basket. It looks and smells good enough to eat!

More Creative DIY Gift Ideas for Mom

diy marbled nail polish mugs to make for mom. green, red and purple mugs

I’m in love with the look of these DIY marble nail polish mugs from Strength and Sunshine.  They’re easy to make and have a beautiful watercolor look. Tailor some custom mugs just for your mom by including her favorite colors.

white bowls with blue diy designs drawing. gift for mom

If you’re not afraid to draw, take a look at these DIY painted bowls from Bloglovin. She has some fantastic designs to follow. You can create the whole set with her favorite color as a gift for Mom.

An Inspirational Mother Daughter Date She'll Treasure Forever - Beautiful Inside and Out - By Press Print Party!

Mom will love these hand stamped necklaces because they’re custom made.  Only you will know that they really require no special talent to make. My girls made made this mother’s necklace for me and I will cherish it forever.

Candle stick with cinnamon sticks around to make a diy gift for mom for christmas

Candles are a simple but always welcomed gift. The Best Vinyl Cutters show you how to DIY your own cinnamon stick candle. What a delicious-smelling candle holder! 

red daliah felt flower brooch for diy gift for mom for christmas

This felt flower brooch will take patience to make but Mom will love to wear this gorgeous dahlia flower. 

diy felt flower headband

If the dahlia flower above seems like too much work, try this felt flower pattern from the Yellow Bird House. You can turn it into a brooch or a sweet headband for Mom.

succulent felt flowers in pot as a diy gift for mom for christmas, mothers day or birthday

Another felt flower pattern, this one a faux succulent from The DIY Mommy can rest in a pot, or it can also be made into a brooch. These brooch designs would be fun to make for generations of moms for a multi-generational mother’s day idea. 

scrabble tile frame diy gift for mom

This Scrabble tile frame idea from The Icing Artist YouTube channel, is easy to make and customize with kids’ names or memorable phrases. Mom is sure to love it.

explosion box diy tutorial gift box

Finally, explosion boxes are very trendy and Chaotically Yours shows you how to make your own so you can wrap your gift for Mom in an explosion of special images and memories. Don’t let the final product overwhelm you, the guide explains all. 

Choosing a sweet gift to make for Mom should be fun and I hope you found something to make she’ll treasure forever.

Don’t forget to tell your mom Happy Mother’s Day, Merry Christmas, or Happy Birthday!

diy christmas gifts for mom for christmas press print party

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