11 Spicy Chex Mix Recipes to Kick your Party up a Notch

A good spicy party mix is the perfect complement to any party with adventurous adults. People are spicing up the original Chex mix recipe to create lots of tasty combinations. If you’re feeling skeptical about changing the original recipe, you have to try the first-bite experience!

However, I must warn you that once you start adding spicy flavor to the classic recipe, it’s hard to go back. You can use all sorts of ingredients for that little kick, like garlic powder, cajun spice, or buffalo sauce. You can also experiment with different combinations using ingredients like bagel chips, pecan halves, or salty pretzels. Just add in the mix ins of your choice. 

This addictive snack makes the perfect appetizer for any pot-luck or even just a movie night at home. Let’s face it, though. These spicy Chex mix recipes were made for football season. Satisfy those Superbowl party munchies while cheering for your favorite team.

Looking for something sweet instead? Check out my sweet Chex mix recipes post. These recipes feature the tasty goodness of ingredients, like melted butter and brown sugar. 

All these Spicy Chex Mix recipes get their spice from different ingredients, keeping your guests guessing. I added a couple of traditional mild party mix recipes for good measure. But a little shake of Tabasco can always kick them up a bit. 

The great news is these recipes are pretty easy to make. Whether you want to use a slow cooker Chex mix recipe, baking sheet recipe, or large microwaveable bowl recipe (or small microwaveable bowl recipe depending on how much you want to make), there are plenty of options. I’ve compiled a few of my favorite recipes in this blog. 

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Spicy Chex Mix Recipes with Tabasco

This very traditional Nuts and Bolts recipe from The Good Hearted Woman gets its spice from a splash of Tabasco sauce. Worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke and Lowry’s seasoned salt are also featured in this recipe to create the perfect snack. Renée, from The Good Hearted Woman, recollects having this cereal mixture during the holiday season, and her stories of the savory flavor will have you running to the store for ingredients. 

Spicy chex mix recipes round up - Press Print Party!1-Nuts & Bolts {The Original Chex Party Mix} | The Good Hearted Woman

Green Tabasco takes center stage in this party mix from Thrifty Jinxy. If you are looking to treat your taste buds to some south-of-the-border flair, look no further. This recipe calls for you to mix cereals, tortilla chips, chicharrones, and taco seasoning. 

Spicy chex mix recipes round up - Press Print Party!2- Kicked Up Snack Mix | Thrifty Jinxy

Kick it up a notch with Tabasco, bacon, AND 1/2 a bottle of your favorite hot sauce in this snack mix from Do It Yourself Divas. You are going to want a very large bowl to hold this tasty combination of Chex cereals, cashews, bacon and more. Did I mention there’s bacon? Bacon, bacon, bacon!

Spicy chex mix recipes round up - Press Print Party!3- Spicy Bacon Flavored Party Snacks | Do It Yourself Divas

Asian Inspired Party Snacks

The famous Vietnamese hot sauce Sriracha is actually manufactured next to Los Angeles. My adventurous hubby took the whole family on their factory tour when they received their chilis. It truly is something to experience. Bring glasses and a bandana though, the air will make your cry! And skip the free Sriracha ice cream, it’s truly disgusting.

It may not be good in ice cream, but Sriracha is sure to make this mix from Take Two Tapas really tasty.

Spicy chex mix recipes round up - Press Print Party!4-Spicy Sriracha Chex Mix | Take Two Tapas

It’s wasabi peas and cayenne pepper that gives this next Asian snack mix from Fisher Nuts its Asian tang. Prepare for every last bit of this homemade Chex mix to be eaten very quickly. 

Spicy chex mix recipes round up - Press Print Party!5-Spicy Asian Snack Mix | Fisher Nuts

Take a Little Snack Mix Trip

Put on a sombrero when you make this Mexican inspired spicy Chex party mix with ancho chili powder by Catch My Party.

Spicy chex mix recipes round up - Press Print Party!6-Spicy Chex Mix Recipe | Catch My Party

Or take a trip to Louisiana when you use the creole seasoning in this Cajun mix from Swanky Recipes. The part of this snack recipe that really speaks to me is the lime juice! 

Spicy chex mix recipes round up - Press Print Party!7-Cajun Chex Mix | Swanky Recipes

Party Mixes For the Sweet and Spicy Lovers

Buffalo-style hot sauce and more Cajun spices give this mix from In The Kid’s Kitchen its kick against the Honey Nut Cheerios.

Spicy chex mix recipes round up - Press Print Party!8-Sweet & Spicy Buffalo Chex Mix | In The Kids’ Kitchen

Hot sauce and honey sure make this mix from Sally’s Baking Addiction a winner in the sweet and spicy category. Looking for the perfect game day snack? This might be a winner since buffalo flavor and football seem to go hand-in-hand. 

Spicy chex mix recipes round up - Press Print Party!9-Sweet & Spicy Honey Chex Mix | Sally’s Baking Addiction

On the Mild Side Chex Mix Recipes

This slow cooker Chex mix from Stylish Cravings with a touch of paprika would be so yummy while cuddling on the couch on any cold night.

Spicy chex mix recipes round up - Press Print Party!10-Crockpot Chex Mix | Stylish Cravings

I had to include this pretty mix from Food Meanderings because Buggles are my favorites and it would make a great little present for Christmas.

Spicy chex mix recipes round up - Press Print Party!11-Holiday Chex Mix | Food Meanderings

It’s going to be hard to choose just one for my next party. Good thing I have a fun group of friends who can be my guinea pigs. I’ll make sure to update this post highlighting our favorite spicy Chex mix recipes. Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments.

11 spicy chex mix recipes - Press Print Party!

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