25 Cute Thanksgiving Desserts for Kids and Adults

This list of cute Thanksgiving desserts runs the gamut, from easy-to-make to kid-friendly to unique. These fun mini Thanksgiving desserts make great alternatives to that ubiquitous pumpkin or apple pie.

So if you want to bring something a little different for a Thanksgiving dessert, you’re in the right place.

featured - Cute desserts for thanksgiving


Turkey Inspired Cute Thanksgiving Desserts

When you think Thanksgiving, you think turkey. But do you think cute turkeys? These turkey-inspired Thanksgiving desserts are sure to turn heads and bring a smile to your guests’ faces.

Each recipe offers a fun twist with familiar ingredients like Reese’s pieces, candy corn, flaky pie crust, and more.

wide eyed turkey cupcake - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

Do you want cute turkeys? Say no more. This wide-eyed turkey cupcake from Bitz n Giggles is almost too cute to eat. Yes, the eyes are Oreos!

candy turkeys - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

Kids will be delighted when they see these cookie and candy no-bake turkey treats from Our Best Bites. Each guest guests their own Thanksgiving turkey with this delicious treat. What a creative use for peanut butter cups.

turkey dessert plate - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

All you need is a round tray, a pear, some fun fall candies (don’t forget the candy corn), and a bunch of mini cookies to make this quick but impressive Thanksgiving dessert platter.

Even with the time it takes to assemble this tray, this recipe wins first prize for easy Thanksgiving desserts. 

Home Is Where the Boat Is also made the same platter as a charcuterie board that you need to check out. These gorgeous boards add something special to any fall table.

turkey pumpkin pie - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

Learn how to make this adorable turkey pie crust at Kudos Kitchen by Renee. This homemade pumpkin pie design is pro-level. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but can you judge the best Thanksgiving pies by their cute and flaky crust?

rice kristpie bones - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

Kids will find these Rice Krispie turkey legs from the Suburban Soapbox just hilarious to eat. My girls both say that they’d like to have this kind of turkey each Thanksgiving from now until they move out. The whole family, from the little kids to the grandparents, will find these turkey legs humorous on Turkey Day.

Creative Pumpkin Shaped Treats

My kids say it’s not Thanksgiving unless you have pumpkin pie, and the people of Colchester, Connecticut of 1705 agreed with them. They postponed their Thanksgiving due to a molasses shortage–molasses was a key ingredient for the pumpkin pies. They decided it couldn’t be Thanksgiving without it.

Whether or not you feel so strongly about pumpkin pie being included in your Thanksgiving celebration, there is still a lot to appreciate when it comes to this list of pumpkin-shaped desserts.

Don’t worry, you’ll still get your pumpkin pie spice fix, but it’ll come in some original shapes and recipes. 

pumpkin spice meringues - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

These pumpkin spice meringue pumpkins are definitely cute and unique. 365 Days of Baking and More shows you exactly how to get the right shape to ensure you achieve the cutest Thanksgiving dessert. Hint: this recipe uses Parchment paper, not wax paper.

brazillian pumpkin treats - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

If you belong to a family of foodies, surprise them and add international flair to the Thanksgiving menu with these delicious Brazilian Brigadeiro pumpkin truffles to your Thanksgiving table. Makes you want to celebrate Thanksgiving in Rio, doesn’t it?

rice krispie pumpkins - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

These pumpkin-shaped Rice Krispies from Cincy Shopper are easy to make and fun to eat. The tootsie roll stems could also be substituted for Hershey’s kisses.

no bake pumpkin treats - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

If you want a no-bake cute Thanksgiving dessert you may want to try these peanut butter pumpkin bites from Not Quite Susie Homemaker. These bite-size treats are a pretty easy dessert to make and they disappear fast.

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Adorable Acorn Treat Ideas

These acorn-shaped treats make super fun Thanksgiving desserts. Most of them are easy, which is especially great if you are responsible for multiple components of Thanksgiving dinner.

The acorn is just an underutilized symbol of the holiday season. While each of these recipes puts their own fun twist on fall flavors, they all have one thing in common: they will satisfy your sweet tooth.

oreo acorn - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

Here’s a fun twist on Oreo cookie balls! You’ll love the tasty result of these Oreo acorn balls from Homemade Interest.

donut acorns - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

Acorn donut holes are another super easy no-bake treat from Mom Spark. Those pretzel rods are perfect for adorable stems.

nutter butter cookie acorns - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

Here’s a fun way to use Nutter Butters. You’ll have plenty of cute acorn treats in no time with She Saved.

salted caramel marshmallow acorns - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

These salted caramel marshmallow acorns from Dancing Through the Rain make a quick and easy bite-size treat. Check out my caramel sauce recipe for homemade perfection!

shortbread acorn cookies - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

What a Girl Eats shaped and baked brown sugar walnut shortbread to form these adorably delicious Thanksgiving cookies. These acorn cookie balls will be everyone’s personal favorite.

Cute Thanksgiving Mini Desserts and Pies

If you don’t want to make full-size pies but still want a more traditional Thanksgiving dessert for more adult palettes, these mini desserts and pies are the creative desserts you’re looking for.

bourbon pumkin pie - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

For our first mini cheesecake-inspired dessert, we know you’ll love this mini pumpkin cheesecake spiked with bourbon and smothered with buttery pecan praline from the Suburban Soapbox.

rose apple tart - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

If you have a little more time and want to make a dessert that is guaranteed to awe and impress your Thanksgiving guests, make this gorgeous rose apple pie from Tikkido.

pumpkin tarts - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

Mini pumpkin pies, anyone? Carefree Mermaid offers all the instructions for the fabulous flavor and design of these mini treats.

mini apple tarts - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

These mini pumpkin pie pops From One Little Project will be a fun hand-held dessert for Thanksgiving. With recipes like this circulating, how could you not like the holiday season?

pumpkin mousse - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

Just look at this masterpiece! Your guests will love these mini pumpkin mousse trifles from Vikalinka. The good news is, if everyone is too full after Thanksgiving dinner, these can be stored in the fridge for Black Friday snacking.

pumpkin cheesecake - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

There’s nothing cuter than a  fun dessert in a mini mason jar. And who wouldn’t want this pumpkin pie cheesecake from Boulder Locavore at Thanksgiving?

pumpkin cheeseckae - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

If you have mini cheesecake pans, you’ll enjoy making these cranberry orange cheesecakes with a gingersnap crust from Flavor the Moments.

mini pumpkin pies - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

No mini tart pans? No problem! These adorable mini apple pies from Easy Budget Recipes are made in mason jar lids.

canoli mini pie thanksgiving dessert

Bring out the Italian in you with these pumpkin cannoli cookie cups with a chewy gingersnap crust from Erica’s Recipes.

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More Cute Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

Here are several desserts that just didn’t fit into a category, but all are still super cute Thanksgiving treats and are guaranteed to please.

Hedghods treats - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

These chocolate peanut butter balls from Julie Blanner sure make some super cute hedgehogs don’t you think? You could also add candy eyes for the extra adorable factor. 

pumpkin spice latte cake pops - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

I find cake pops a little difficult to make,  but the step-by-step instructions from Moms and Munchkins for these pumpkin spice latte cake pops make it seem easy.

cornucopia cupcake - Cute desserts for thanksgiving

Quickly turn plain cupcakes into cute cornucopia cupcakes with these instructions from Cutefetty. You could also use a fall-themed cupcake, like spiced cinnamon apple cakes, for the base.

BONUS: Make-From-Scratch Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes   

While these next recipes are not necessarily adorable, they are a feast for the eyes. Some of them can be labeled as a “classic fall dessert,” but when you make them from scratch, the flavors are like new.

These are some of the best Thanksgiving desserts, but they can be shared during the entire holiday season. 

Best mini pumpkin bundt cake with cream cheese frosting recipe with powered sugar, delicious perfect fall dessert - thanksgiving dessert - Press Print Party!

These mini pumpkin bundt cakes with cream cheese frosting are the perfect fall dessert in my opinion. Although I might be biased since this is my recipe. The pumpkin spice is reminiscent of pumpkin spice lattes; YUM!


easy pecan pie cheesecake bars recipe squares. graham cracker crust, cheesecake. caramel and pecans on top. great for thanksgiving fall recipe treat. Press Print Party!

Your friends and family will thank you for adding these pecan pie bars to the Thanksgiving dessert table. Can’t you just imagine the flavor and texture of these dessert bars from the pictures?

Caramel sauce in mason jar with spoon.How to make a caramel sauce easy recipe for dip or toffee cake or pudding

 This homemade caramel sauce is the key to making so many delicious and easy Thanksgiving dessert recipes. You could make a simple yet beautiful plate with fruits for dipping in the sauce. Caramel apples anyone? You could drizzle a traditional pie or scoop of vanilla ice cream. Okay, now I’m just hungry.

 I sure hope I’ve given you plenty of inspiration to make some cute Thanksgiving desserts this year. 

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25 cute desserts for thanksgiving - turkey cupcake, turkey pie, apple pie, acorn, hedgehog, apple pie, pumpkin mousse

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25 cute desserts for thanksgiving - turkey cupcake, turkey pie, apple pie, acorn, cute thanksgiving desserts
25 cute desserts for thanksgiving - turkey cupcake, turkey pie, apple pie, acorn, cute thanksgiving desserts
25 cute desserts for thanksgiving - turkey cupcake, turkey pie, apple pie, acorn, cute thanksgiving desserts

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