27 Baby Shower Ice Breaker Games Your Guests Will Love to Play

Baby showers are such a fun way to celebrate the mom-to-be. They bring together family members and friends who were made during various stages of life. However, baby shower guests who don’t know one another or aren’t mingling can put a real damper on the party. 

Baby shower ice breaker games are a great way to help a small or large group have a great time and ultimately make it a celebration that the mom-to-be will remember fondly. 

27 baby shower ice breaker games that your guests will love. Press Print Party!

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Of course, there are plenty of baby shower games that are overused or just cringe-worthy. This leaves hostesses endlessly searching for party games that match the energy and comfort levels of the anticipated guests. Add in the new need, some hostesses face, of finding a virtual ice breaker that can be played over Zoom, and the task can nearly become a full-time job. 

To help the party planner out, I’ve compiled a list of 27 baby shower ice breaker games that your guests will love to play. I’ve also included notes and ideas on how to prepare and run these games.

Many of them can be played virtually as well! You’re sure to find several to match your baby shower style.

Without further ado, let’s talk about these fun baby shower ice breaker games.

1- Place Card Mystery

Mingling game – Medium prep – Activity

Guests will be tickled when they find fun nicknames on each place card instead of the names that they expect. As an added benefit, this game allows the mom-to-be to reflect on the relationships she shares with each guest. 

How to play: 

Have the expectant mother think of fun nicknames, inside jokes or brief anecdotes for the baby shower guests who will be attending.

Type these on your place cards and print them prior to the shower. The more silly and odd the description the better.

In case she’s stumped on the perfect nickname, she can think of the relationship she hopes the individual will have with her baby.

The new name should be placed where the guest’s name is usually found while the guests’ actual names are printed on the backside of or the inside the place card.

I can think of two ways to play this funny game.

Version 1:

Leave the place cards on the table and let guests read through them and locate their own seats organically.

Version 2:

Make an announcement that you’re going to play a game and ask everyone to stand behind a random place setting. Choose a person to start and ask them to read the nickname or silly story and see if that person recognizes their nickname.

The named person and the reader now switch places By the time your guests are seated they now all know one another’s silly names from grammar school or that crazy story about when they threw up on to a chemistry experiment.

Check out my store for a collection of cute place cards that match many baby shower themes and color schemes. 

2 – Baby Shower Photos 

Mingling game – Easy prep – Activity

Don’t miss the opportunity to capture lots of photos for mom and baby to enjoy years down the road! Cameras, phones, and hashtags will allow you to capture some sweet moments, but going “old school” with Polaroid and disposable cameras can add a fun dynamic.

How to play:

Choose Polaroid or disposable cameras. The first will allow guests to enjoy printed photos instantly which they can sign and add to a designated baby shower photo album, like a creative guest book.

You will want to keep the cost of Polaroid cameras and Polaroid-sized albums in mind, though.

Disposable cameras are more budget-friendly and can add something exciting for the new mom to look forward to following the shower.

After you’ve purchased the cameras of choice, print several signs with instructions which can be distributed around the party venue along with the cameras.

This will help remind guests to use the cameras. By the end of the shower, guests will have captured lots of great shots from multiple points of view. (And maybe some random photo of the dog or the garbage disposal too.)

I have lots of cute premade templates for your baby shower photo signs in my shop. Be sure to check them out before you go. 

3 – Baby Face (Guess Who)

Mingling game – Advance prep – Activity 

Aren’t baby photos the cutest? Everyone will have a ball trying to match each baby picture with guests at the baby shower. 

How to play: 

On the baby shower invites, ask each guest to bring a photo of themselves as a baby.

Collect these photos as guests arrive and post them on a wall or spread them out on a table along with an assigned number.

Guests can then try to match the photos with the other guests. Using name tags can be helpful, but you can also skip them to make the game more challenging.

Whoever gets the most correct answers gets a prize. In case you need ideas for prizes, you typically can’t go wrong with a gift card. 

Looking for baby shower invitations? Head on over to my printable store for themes including woodland creatures, floral, rustic and more.  

4 – Mama Knows Best

Sit down – No prep – Activity – Virtual friendly

Every child is a blessing that brings his or her own unique challenges. Gathering advice from other moms is one way you can shower the mom-to-be with love and valuable tips. This is one of those situations where you really see of the value of more experienced Moms, Aunts and Granny’s. They are a wealth of information on a topic that the new Mama has just begun to learn about.

How to play: 

Seated in a circle, ask any willing moms to share a maximum of three pieces of advice. This game can be played online just by facilitating the conversation to make sure people don’t accidentally talk over each other. Good luck to the new mama! 

5 – Embarrassing Baby Stories

Sit down – No prep – Activity – Virtual friendly

This baby game is a simple and easy icebreaker. 

How to play: 

Simply ask guests to share an embarrassing story. It can be a story about their own parenting pitfalls or one from their childhood. If the attending party guests tend to be on the quieter side, be sure to have a story on hand that you can share. This will help get the ball rolling.

Just like Mama Knows Best, this game can easily be incorporated into a virtual party by helping determine who will speak next. 

6 – Surprise Baby!

Sit down or mingling – Medium prep – Activity/Craft

This game is near the top of the list of unique baby shower games for its ability to entertain through creative activity, food and the (often) humorous surprise ending.

Guests are guaranteed to love this twist on traditional baby shower games. (It is reminiscent of the old Mardi Gras kings cake tradition, but I’ll try not to give away any more spoilers.)

How to play:

There are 2 ways you can play this fun game:

Version 1:

On the day before the shower or morning of the shower, prepare the expecting mom’s favorite cupcake batter. After placing batter into your lined cupcake tins, drop a single miniature plastic baby (like these) into one random cupcake and bake according to the recipe.

At the baby shower, guests will be invited to decorate the cupcakes with frosting, candies, and whatever else you want to make available. Do not inform them that one of the cupcakes is “pregnant” just yet. Their goal is to design the new mom’s favorite cupcake. The winner receives a prize.

Just before guests eat their cupcakes, let them know that whoever has the cupcake with the baby figurine will be the next person to become an expectant mother. 

Version 2:

If you’re serving cupcakes at your party, simply insert a plastic baby in one or 2 of them, and either let your guests know as they arrive, or place a little card in front of the cupcakes letting them know to claim their prize if they get the baby!

That’s what we did at our Woodland Baby Shower and it was fun to randomly hear the joyful squeals of someone biting into a cupcake and finding a plastic baby.

woodland baby shower cupcake toppers and wrappers printable. Chocolate cupcakes with orange frosting and chocolate sprinkles. Woodland animals Baby Shower Theme with woodland creatures and forest animals party supplies. Woodland decoration girl baby shower ideas. Can be used for woodland birthday party. Rustic forest animals with flowers and antlers. Fox baby shower, Deer baby shower.

7 – The Baby Bucket List

Sit down or while mingling– Easy prep – Activity – Virtual friendly 

This fun game is sure to be a heart warmer for guests and the new mom. By the end, the mom-to-be will have a beautiful keepsake that can be shared with her baby in a few years. 

How to play:

Collect a cute container that can hold several handwritten notes. A box or cute, little basket would work great. Feel free to decorate it or leave it as it is. During the baby shower, invite guests to write down a hope or a prayer they have for sweet, new arrival and then drop it into the container. Guests can leave the notes anonymous but I think it’s sweet to know who shared which hope or prayer. To make things a little easier on your guests you could  create a sign with instructions that can be left at a particular table or baby activity station. 

For a virtual setting, ask guests to text or email their hopes and well wishes. These can then be printed and placed in a box for mom and baby to enjoy together someday. 

8 – Mom Advice Cards/ Baby Mad Libs

Sit down or while mingling – Easy prep – Activity – Virtual friendly 

Every mom knows that with motherhood comes days that are more challenging than others. Wouldn’t it be so nice to have a treasure trove of encouraging letters to read in these hard times? That’s the point of this baby shower activity. 

How to play:

Provide guests with pens and paper and ask them to write a quick letter to the expectant mother.

Encourage them to include jokes, heartfelt messages, and nuggets of advice that can be refreshing to the mom-to-be during those especially challenging days with a new baby. 

For a fun and humorous twist, check out my number-one selling product, Baby Shower Mad Libs Advice Cards. These cards provide fun prompts that often produce humorous (and sometimes impossible) pieces of advice that the new mom can enjoy later on. 

For a virtual baby shower, you can have guests email their letters. As another option, you can include an advice card (mad libs or otherwise) in their invitation with a return envelope, so they can mail back their completed cards. 


9 – Message on a Diaper

Sit down or while mingling– Easy prep – Craft 

Babies go through a lot of diapers. Why not make changing those diapers a little more fun and humorous for mom and dad? The Message on a Diaper activity is easy to coordinate, making it arguably the best possible baby shower games at work. 

How to play:

Provide guests with diapers and markers. For groups that are more creative, giving them free rein to draw and write works well. In a group that appreciates more structure, consider providing stencils or stamps.

Before you know it, you will have lots of cute and funny decorated diapers for the new parents to enjoy. 

woodland baby shower games table with diapers, how big is mommy's belly, yarn, and thank you notes.Woodland animals Baby Shower Theme with woodland creatures and forest animals party supplies. Woodland decoration girl baby shower ideas. Can be used for woodland birthday party. Rustic forest animals with flowers and antlers. Fox baby shower, Deer baby shower.

10 – The Mama or the Papa?

Mingling game – Medium prep – Activity – Coed Shower 

Here is another great icebreaker game that seamlessly gets people mingling and chatting. As a bonus, any relatives who are present will get a kick out of seeing their own pictures. 

How to play:

Collect childhood and baby photos of relatives from both sides of the family. Put them on a wall or table, and assign each of them numbers. Print guests a numbered list and have them write either “Mama” or “Papa” to indicate which side of the family the photographed person belongs to.

At the end of the game, read the correct answers. The guest with the most correct guesses wins and gets a prize. This great game would work well at a coed shower too. 

And you could offer a bonus prize for the person who can correctly identify the greatest number of people in the photos.

11 – Babysitting

Mingling game – Easy prep – Activity 

Some friends are more qualified to babysit than others. Help the new mom “narrow down” her babysitting options with this funny baby shower game. 

How to play:

Give each guest a doll, stuffed animal, or even a plastic egg as they arrive (I wouldn’t use plastic babies as they are too small and people would just put them in their pocket).

Let them know they are on babysitting duty but do not give them any additional information.

During the shower, collect any unattended “babies” and place them in a designated “nursery.” If you are using plastic eggs, an empty egg carton makes a great nursery.

At the end of the shower, whoever still has their baby receives a prize. Extra points if the doll is right-side-up and has not yet been sat on.

12 – Don’t Say Baby

Mingling game – Easy prep – Ice breaker 

Can you imagine a Baby Shower without being able to say the word Baby? Impossible? Yes, maybe. But also a fun game especially for those folks most aware of what they say. 

How to play:

The only items you need for this game are safety pins or clothespins and optionally a sign which explains the game. Every guest gets one to five pins (give everyone the same amount), along with the instruction not to say a forbidden word.

“Baby” is frequently chosen as the taboo word. Guests have permission to request one pin from anyone who says the word. Once someone is out of pins, they are out of the game. Whoever has the most pins by the end of the shower wins. 

Once at a baby shower, my young daughter was bored and made it her mission to listen in to every conversation and get as many pins as she could. She won the prize by a wide margin.

So the quiet listeners just might dominate this one along with the folks that can come up with unique synonyms for baby. Can you say propagule?

Get Don’t Say Baby Game signs in lots of different styles in my shop:

13 – Say Baby

Mingling game – Easy prep – Ice breaker – Virtual friendly

Say Baby is the previous game’s lesser known, yet very fun, counterpart. This time, the joke is on the mom-to-be. 

How to play:

There are two crucial elements to this game. The first is making sure that the mom-to-be does not know about the game. The second is having a vigilant scorekeeper.

Have guests write down how many times they think the new mom will say the word “baby” during the shower. Then, have your designated scorekeeper discreetly keep track of how many times she says “baby.”

I recommend that the hostess not be the scorekeeper. This person needs to stay near the expectant mother throughout the shower and hostess duties may not allow for this. 

If your virtual baby shower includes some live video chat time, this game can easily be played remotely. Just create a private message with everyone but the mom-to-be to tell them how to play. In this situation, the hostess can be the scorekeeper. 

14 – How Old Was Mom? 

Mingling game – Medium prep – Ice breaker

I think I speak for all guests when I say baby photos of the mom are nearly a requirement at a baby shower. This game certainly allows for that and it helps break the ice among guests as they admire the adorable mother-to-be in her younger days. 

How to play:

Collect baby photos of the new mom. Confirm her age in each photo.

Arrange photos on a board, wall or table at the shower, and assign a letter to each photo.

Provide guests with a sheet of paper and ask them to write the corresponding letters down in order of age. The guest with the most correct answers wins. 

15 – Find the Guest

Mingling game – Medium prep – Ice breaker 

This game is especially designed to get your guests mingling and it’s a little like the Place Card Mystery Game. Using this game to break the ice before playing a game that requires teamwork may prove especially productive. 

How to play:

Prior to the shower, have the new mom write an interesting fact for each person on the guest list.

Make copies of this list to give to the guests once everyone has arrived. They will then be tasked with racing each other to find out which fact belongs to each guest.

Once a guest has completed the list, confirm each answer with the whole group for extra laughs. If the answers are correct, the guest receives a prize. 

16 – Guess the Famous Mom … or Dad

Mingling game – Easy prep – Ice breaker – Coed Showers

This game uses elements from games like Guess Who, Who Am I?, and Heads Up! to create a great baby shower ice breaker.

How to play:

Pick a theme like fictional mothers from movies, celebrity moms or historically-relevant mothers. If your guests already know each other, you could even pick mothers who are present at the shower.

If having a coed baby shower, you can also pick some famous dads names.

Write one name per name tag. As guests arrive, place a name tag on their backs.

The objective of the game is for guests to figure out who they are by asking other guests “yes” or “no” questions.

You can name the first person who figures out who they are the winner or you can give the first couple of people who figure out their identities raffle tickets that make them eligible to win a prize from a drawing.  You could also play it just for fun.

17 – How Big is Mommy’s Belly?

Mingling game – Easy prep – Ice breaker Coed Shower

A very entertaining game where guests try to guess the size of mom’s belly by cutting a piece of yarn and wrapping it around a game card. Watching the guys, especially the single ones trying to do this is hilarious.

How to play:

As the hostess, put a string or yarn around the mom’s belly and cut it to size. This is the piece of yarn you will use as your baseline to measure all others for length.

Place a sign, yarn, and cards on a table where the guests can see it and play during the baby shower.

Each guest will cut the yarn to get as close to the size of mommy’s belly as they can, wrap it around a card, and sign their name.

Towards the end of the shower the hostess picks up all the cards and measures all the guests guesses to baseline yarn. This is fun to do in front of everyone. You will not believe the range of lengths you will get. The guest who comes the closest wins a prize.

Woodland Baby shower game printables. Downloadable templates. How big is mommy's belly in a basket with printable cards and yarn - Woodland animals Baby Shower Theme with woodland creatures and forest animals party supplies. Woodland decoration girl baby shower ideas. Can be used for woodland birthday party. Rustic forest animals with flowers and antlers. Fox baby shower, Deer baby shower.

Pick up a “How big is mommy’s belly?” sign and cards in my shop for an easy and quick setup:

18 – What’s Her Age Again?

Mingling game – Medium prep – Ice breaker – Coed Shower

This game is very similar to one that was listed above, How Old Was Mom? However, this format may provide a wider spectrum of guesses, which could be a lot of fun. 

How to play:

Collect about ten photos of the mom-to-be. Assign a letter to each photo.

Ask guests to write down how old they think the new mom is in the photos next to the corresponding letter on their piece of paper.

The person with the most correct answers wins. For a coed party, add photos of dad to the mix! 

19 – Before They Were Famous

Mingling game – Medium prep – Ice breaker

Perhaps easier than collecting baby photos of the mom or relatives is gathering childhood photos of celebrities. The internet is a magical place. 

How to play:

Collect childhood photos of celebrities. Place them on a wall, table or board. Give guests paper for writing down their answers.

The person who gets the most answers correct wins. Be sure to keep an eye on the more mischievous guests because you know they’ll be on their smart phones trying to find the answers. 

20 – Baby Ice Cubes

Medium prep – Activity – Coed Shower

Here’s a humorous and unique activity that can be going on in the background while other games or activities are taking place. Your guests are sure to have a good time with this one.

How to play:

Purchase small plastic baby figurines. These baby figurines from Amazon will work well.

At least a day before the shower, place baby figurines in ice cube trays so that there is at least one ice cube for each guest and each ice cube has a baby in it. You may want to make extras just to be safe. Invite each guest to select their beverage of choice.

Then, if you can, have everyone drop in an ice cube at the same time. When the first ice cube melts, the owner of the beverage must shout, “My water broke!” This person can be deemed the winner and can be given a prize. Or they can win the title of “next to expect a baby.” 

The microwave and the tea kettle are off limits for this one.

baby ice cubes baby shower game ice breaker. strawberry drink with plastic baby in ice cude poking out. Press Print Party!

21 – Baby Birthday Pool

Easy Prep – Activity – Virtual friendly – Coed Shower

Did you know that only 5% of babies arrive on their actual due date? That statistic makes for a great opportunity for guests to make bets. 

How to play:

There are a few variations for this game. Regardless of which method you choose, you will have the mom-to-be share her due date and have guests write down their predictions for the date and time of the baby’s arrival. 

At this point, you can either promise to award whoever is closest with a future prize or you can collect a gambling pot of $1 or $5.

In the latter case, the winner receives the cash! If you would like to play this game virtually, the pot can be collected using an app like Venmo or PayPal. 

22 – Pin the Date on the Calendar

Easy Prep – Activity

Also known as Pin the Tail on the Donkey: Baby Shower Edition. This game is a lot of fun and the mom-to-be can keep the calendar to see if anyone is close to the baby’s actual arrival. 

How to play:

You will need a large wall or desk calendar, the bigger the better. You will also need blue (boy) or pink (girl) post-it notes.

Circle the due date on the calendar. Then, give each guest a post-it note to write their name on. One at a time, have the guests approach the calendar from about six feet away. So long as it safe to do so, you may want to spin each participant.

Also clarify, that they are not allowed to feel their way to the right date. The person who is closest to the due date wins. 

23 – Guess the Beans

mingling game Easy Prep – Activity

This traditional baby shower game requires little set up and little supervision. (Just make sure no one eats the jelly beans!)

How to play:

Put pink or blue jelly beans in a jar, fish bowl or other transparent container. This game will also work with other items in some sort of display (baby socks in a bowl, binkies in a bowl). Have guests write their guess and name on a slip of paper. You can either have them place their guesses in a bowl or box or hold onto them.

If you have them place their guesses in a container, read the guesses out loud and then disclose the right answer. The person who is closest to the right answer wins a prize. 

Check out my Guess How Many Game Sign Printable for a great way to tell guests how to play. 

24 – Mommy Brain Teaser

Sit down or mingling game– Easy Prep – Activity

This game goes out to all the mamas who have trouble remembering things during pregnancy…. and after delivery …….and pretty much throughout the rest of their kids’ lives. 

How to play:

Place small baby items on a tray or in a basket prior to the baby shower.

For this game you can either have a person (Mom- to -be, hostess or helper) walk around mingling guess or sitting guests with a tray or basket full of baby items so that everyone gets a brief look at the items.

If they’re not already sitting down, have your guests sit and give them paper and pens. Then, ask everyone to write down as many items as they can remember. The person who can recall the most baby items wins.

For an extra twist, have the person who was holding the basket also change her outfit and ask guests to also write down what she was wearing prior to changing. 

25 – What Am I? 

Mingling – Medium prep – Activity 

This game is another excellent ice breaker to get guests mingling. 

How to play:

Write down one baby item per name tag. You can include adjectives to make the game trickier, like dirty diaper, wet wipes and green baby food.

As guests arrive, place a name tag on each guest’s back. They must then ask guests “yes” or “no” questions to figure out what they are.

You can name the first person who figures out what they are the winner or you can give the first couple of people who figure out their identities raffle tickets that make them eligible to win a prize from a drawing.

26 – Who Is the Guest? 

Sit down – Easy prep – Ice breaker – Virtual friendly

The mom-to-be and guests will love this ice breaker. Get ready for laughs and good times with this game that requires minimal preparation.

How to play:

At the beginning of the party, have each guest write down a fact from their childhood that other guests probably wouldn’t know. This could be something like what they wanted to be when they grew up or a humorous story.

These papers will be added to a bowl or box. The hostess will then pick papers at random and read them aloud. The other guests will have to figure out who the story belongs to.

For virtual baby showers, have guests private message you their facts for you to read from. 

27 – Name that Baby

Mingling game – Easy prep 

Moms are often looking for unique names for their babies. Why not create a brand-new name all together?   

How to play:

Place a poster on a wall or table with markers or pens. Ask guests to write down potential names using only the letters of mom and dad’s names.

The mom-to-be gets to pick the best or funniest name and award a prize to the creator of the new name. 

Looking for More Shower Ideas? 

I hope this list helps you plan some excellent baby shower ice breaker games. If you try any of them or just really like them, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear if you created variations of any of these games. 

Be sure to check out my other baby shower posts like 16 Awesome Printable Baby Shower Games Ideas and how to play the Hilarious Baby Shower Mad Libs in a virtual baby shower.

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