Sweet “Party Like a Pineapple!” Birthday Luau – Loads of Fun Ideas

How do you “Party like a pineapple”? Well, to BE a pineapple you need to stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.

In any case, have fun! And we sure did! I’m very excited to share with you our pineapple party we crafted this year. This is a long post full of original ideas. You’ll find loads of pineapple decorations ideas, pineapple party foods, and pineapple games and fun.

& look at the bottom for links to lots more pineapple party ideas!

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Pineapple Party Decorations:

Pineapple Party Printables

These pineapple party printables were so much fun to work on! The colors are bright and cheerful, it always put me in a good mood to work on them. All the elements were designed from water color designs. Everything you see and more is available in my shop.

All the Pineapple Printables

A party starts with the invitation. There’s real style in matching the invitation and the party decorations. And it’s so easy when it all comes for you in one package.

At the party, these little pineapple favor boxes looked so neat all in a row; and the lanterns, which I strung all over the patio, added to the festive mood.


Dessert Table Tiki Hut

Yes, I made a Tiki hut! And you can too! It was mostly constructed out of PVC pipes and it was EASY! I used the thinner PVC pipes and lots of elbow joints. Getting a good PVC cutter really made a difference too. 

For the dessert table I used a rafia skirt around the bottom of the table and the top of the hut. The tablecloth is a simple yellow plastic tablecloth and the runner is a real banana leaf. I’ve used banana leaves before for my beach themed table and I love the authentic tropical vibe they give.

I find them at my local Mexican market.


I love balloons. They add joy to a party! I bought a whole pack of yellow pineapple balloons as well as a big mylar pineapple balloon to decorate the photo booth (which I also made out of PVC pipes).

Pineapple Party Food:

Pineapple Cake

The main show stopper was the magnificent cake! Piping all those rosettes took some time! But it was worth it. The cake itself was delicious too. I made a coconut cake with pineapple frosting. Super yum! I have the recipe and pineapple cake step by step DIY here.

Pineapple Macarons

I had never made french macarons before (but I sure do know how to eat’em). I thought being French would somehow give me an advantage… hum..well … it was a good thing I tested those a couple of days in advance as the first batch looked more like a science experiment.

These are my second batch turned out amazing. See how I made the pineapple macarons and what I learned.

Good thing I took a photo because they were gone in about 3.5 seconds.

Pineapple Cupcakes

I totally ran out of time making the cake and the macarons that I cheated on the cupcakes. Since I knew some of the kids were not coconut fans (crazy I know), they’re just a simple vanilla cupcake with pineapple frosting,

Some are made to LOOK like pineapples though, with the fun pineapple cupcake wraps and toppers.

Pineapple Punch

The kids descended on this punch as if they hadn’t had anything to drink for 3 days.

Do you think the ice cream had anything to do with it?

A simple combination of a 2L bottle of Ginger Ale, a bottle of tropical Juice (Pineapple Mango) and a quart of Vanilla ice cream did the trick. Good thing I bought enough for 2 batches!

The adorable pineapple straws were a hit too. I just tapped the pineapple confetti from the pineapple party printables to striped yellow paper straws.

Pineapple Fruit Cups

Simple fruits cups with pineapple, kiwi, and strawberries was my healthy alternative to the ice cream punch.

They sure looked fun to eat with their little umbrellas and our homemade pineapple top picks.

Pineapple Party Games and Fun

Pineapple Luau Photo Booth

Kids adore taking lots of fun pics in a photo booth. My new Hawaiian Luau photo booth props and a couple of dollar store finds worked fantastic!

Even the parents joined in the fun.

Pineapple Craft

Simple mason Jars painted yellow and some fun fringes taped on pens with green floral tape were transformed into fun pineapple pen holders.


“Where’s my pineapple?” game

I was amazed at how such a simple game ended up being so much fun. Everyone wanted a turn!

You can change the pineapple with any fruit or item to fit your party.

The object of the game is to get the pineapple all the way down the line without the spotter guessing where the pineapple is.

Line up all the kids front to back. The person at the beginning of the line is the spotter. She faces the line and holds the pineapple. She give the pineapple to the second person in line then turns around. The kids start passing the pineapple down the line. Each person has to touch the pineapple with both hands. No skipping.

After a few seconds the spotter says “Where’s my pineapple?” then turns around. At that time the whole line freezes. The spotter needs to stay in place but can lean to look around then takes a guess who has the pineapple.

If the spotter guesses right, she wins.  If she guesses wrong, she turns back around and in a few seconds says, “Where’s my pineapple?” again and turns around. The games continues until either the spotter guesses right or the pineapple makes it all the way down the line. In this case the whole line cheers!

At any win, the spotter moves to the back of the line and the second in line becomes the spotter.

And so on!

The kids got really clever at disguising where the pineapple was. They would all freeze in a position where it could be believable they had it. It was a hilarious game and I highly recommend it. It was almost as fun for the adults to watch as it was the the kids to play.

Pineapple Pinata

My regular piñata guy disappointed me again this year. Last time he messed up was on the Eiffel Tower piñata that looked more like an Aztec temple (check out the post on how we made an amazing Eiffel Tower piñata). This year, the pineapple came back with a face! A weird face! on a Pineapple! I didn’t ask for a face! And it was glued on so well.

My hubby is the piñata Nazi in the family so the pineapple face thing wasn’t cutting it. The day before the party he and the kids fashioned a proper pineapple piñata. It actually turned out much better than I thought it would. I wrote a funny post about how they made the pineapple piñata, and all my husband’s funny piñata woes.

Phew! If you made it this far down you’re a real pineapple fan! There is lots more to read about the pineapple party:

Party like a Pineapple:


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