5 Non Candy Easter Egg Filler Ideas That will Surprise You

Your kids probably love a good Easter egg hunt as much as mine do. And through the years we’ve come up with fun Easter egg filler ideas that are a little bit more exciting then just filling the eggs with candy.
Actually, we don’t even use candy anymore, but our plastic eggs are now full of much more practical things.
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Puzzle Pieces From One Single Bigger Puzzle

I honestly don’t remember how we came up with this Easter egg filler idea, but one year I bought a puzzle at the dollar store and hid the puzzle pieces two or three at a time in the plastic eggs. 
The girls had a blast finding all the eggs with puzzle pieces and putting the puzzle together at the end of the Easter egg hunt. 
This was so successful we now do it every year and it makes for a fantastic Easter Sunday activity for the kids.
Especially when you have a big family, it’s a lot of fun to see them all coming together to spend their time finishing a puzzle instead of just eating candy. Sometimes some pieces are missing, revealing the fact that they must have missed an egg or two.
So there they go. Searching again for one last egg.
It makes the Easter egg hunt fun because you may need a lot of eggs depending on which type of puzzle you bought. 
It also reduces the competition of who got the most eggs because they need to combine them all at the end to finish the puzzle.
Our new puzzles get more complicated each year as the girls get bigger. It’s also great fun for older kids who may consider themselves too old for an Easter egg hunt. No one is too old for a good puzzle.

Coupons for Fun Things in the Future

Kids love to receive good coupons.  And with lots of free printables available out there there’s an array of fun Easter egg coupons to use.  I designed a sheet of free printable Easter egg coupons that are easy to customize. That way you’re not stuck with only what I think makes a good coupon but you can write in whatever your child may like best.
I find that my kids actually rarely use the coupons but are very excited when they get them.
Nowadays I try to make the coupons more usable the day that they get them. For example, I’ll buy ice cream and not tell them. Then I’ll include a coupon for a bowl of ice cream that they can enjoy at the end of the Easter egg hunt. 
You can also write up when the coupon is applicable like “Choose a movie this Saturday Night”.
If you want each kid to have a certain coupon,  go ahead and write the name of the kid on the egg with a sharpie and just inform them that if they see an egg with somebody else’s name on it that they need to leave it alone.

Money, money, money!

Yes, we also put coins in some of the eggs. It’s a fun way to use up the half-pound of coins rolling around in the bottom of your purse.
We use quarters and dimes mostly but some eggs will actually have paper bills.
As the kids got older, we bought one golden egg for each child, wrote their name on it with a sharpie, and will slip in a couple of larger bills for them. 
Now that they are teens, they are very eager to find that golden egg!

Resurrection Eggs to Teach the Easter Story

If you want to teach your kids that Easter is about more than eggs and bunnies, getting a set of resurrection eggs is a great Easter egg filler idea.
Each egg contains an object representing a different part of the Biblical story of Easter. Each Egg is numbered so the story goes in order. Resurrection egg sets also come with a list of Bible verses to read in order as you open each egg.

You can easily buy a set online or you can make your own with these instructions and free printables from Life Your Way.

Small Toys and Useful Objects Easter Egg Filler Ideas

You can easily wander in the “junk” category on this one. So try to think of things your child would actually use or enjoy playing with. It’s OK to take a bigger set (like a lego set) and break it up into several eggs like we did with the puzzle.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Finally, here’s a fun ice cream-themed Easter basket filled with fun toys and plushies that I styled with items from Oriental Trading and my editable Easter Coupons.
I hope I’ve encouraged you to think outside the box for your Easter egg hunt this year with these 5 Easter egg filler ideas! Let me know in the comments what your favorite Easter egg fillings are.

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Easter egg hunt ideas and activities - non candy Easter egg filler ideas that's not junk Press Print Party!
5 out of the box ideas to fill Easter Eggs - Easter egg hunt ideas and activities - non candy Easter egg filler ideas that's not junk Press Print Party!

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    These ideas are fantastic! The vouchers are perfect given what we are going through at the moment!! Thanks for giving me so many ideas.

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