DIY No-Sew Gnome Craft for Spring

Everyone should learn how to make a gnome. It seems as if gnome crafts have taken over the internet. But what’s not to like? These gnomes are adorable and make a fun whimsical addition to any decor.

Christmas gnomes are big, but they’re also popping up in all kinds of seasons. 

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So when Oriental Trading asked me to make a spring craft with their supplies I jumped at the chance to try my hand at making a cute gnome, or 3.


There are lots of different ways to make a gnome and a lot of instructions on how to make a gnome use socks. But I wanted an easy no-sew gnome so I chose a sturdy cardboard cone that would serve as both the hat and the body.

DIY no-sew gnome materials:

How to make a gnome

You’ll need to wrap one piece of felt on the bottom of the cone for the body, prepare and glue the beard and nose, cut a piece of felt for the hat, wrap it over the beard and nose, and glue it in place.

Here’s the video that shows all the steps I took to make the gnome. I didn’t take pictures throughout so don’t miss the video.

You’ll see that I made the hat pattern way too big. I could have made a smaller pattern with a compass but I just didn’t have one on hand. I found it easier to just adjust it as I needed and cut the excess. 

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A couple of cool gnome craft tricks:

I choose to make my gnome’s nose with an old pair of pantyhose, a cotton ball, and a small hair tie. I’ve seen wooden beads used but I love how the pantyhose looks and you don’t have to worry about hiding the bead hole. You can also make the nose the size you want. You could make a gnome with an enormous nose… why not?

I then inserted the nose pantyhose “tail” in a small hole in the fur. That way, the nose was not just glued on top of the fur making a mess. It holds in place on its own.

While cutting the fur, make sure to only cut the backing and not the fur. Don’t use scissors, this step is best done with an Xacto knife.


BONUS: Easter Bunny Gnome

After making my little gnomes, I figured I could use the cone as just a hat and use a peanut butter jar as a body for a taller Easter bunny gnome. That’s where you could also use a sock filled with rice as a body too.

I wrapped the jar in grey felt and the cone in pink felt (Check the video on how to make a felt pattern for the cone hat) and cut the bunny ears out of a treat bag. I added some wire inside the ears so they’d stand up.

Just like the little gnomes I just used hot glue to make the whole thing. No needle and thread needed. 

I hope I’ve inspired you to make little gnomes of your own. Each took about 20 minutes from start to finish. You’ll love having them cheer up your space.

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Diy gnome craft for spring no-sew craft ideas with felt flowers and, fur, cardboard cone body with hot glue gun. Press Print Party!
Diy gnome craft for spring no-sew craft ideas with felt flowers and, fur, cardboard cone body with hot glue gun. Press Print Party!

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