FREE Printable Valentine Cards – Butterfly Lollipops

Kids are sure to love this fun butterfly lollipop Valentine’s Day printable card. And moms will love how easy it is to make.

Giving out Valentines for a whole classroom full of friends doesn’t have to break the bank. A bag of lollipops and this free butterfly wings printable card template are all you need for easy DIY cards that are a huge win.


Cute free printable valentine's day cards for kids butterfly lollipops template printable to make for friends at school

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If you need more ideas for classroom Valentines, I have several more freebies in the library as well as several Valentine’s Day printables in the shop.

Making Your Butterfly Lollipop Valentines

You will need:

  • The free printable template of the butterfly wings (see link at bottom)
  • Lollipops
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • Tissue paper (optional)
  • Black Sharpie (optional)
materials for the butterfly lollipop happy valentines day card for kids

Once you download your print from the free library make sure you open the file in Adobe Reader DC.

You’ll be able to edit the “to” and “from” names directly in the file. A sweet little note is already included for added convenience and care. 

Then, print and cut out the wings.

Next, use an Xacto knife to cut the small slit at the top and bottom for the sucker stick.

Cutting the slit on the butterfly lollipop card with an xacto knife

Wrap the lollipop heads with some tissue paper for a nicer look and insert the stick into the slits. I found that twisting the lollipop while you insert worked great at getting the tissue paper to go in the slit.

If you don’t have an Xacto knife or scissors handy, feel free to use a hole punch and a piece of tape to keep the lollipop in place. 

Place two googly eyes for fun on each lollipop. I used glue dots for this.

Draw a smiley face if you wish. I like to draw mine underneath to have a smiley flying butterfly, but kids will probably like to draw it directly on the front.

Cute free printable valentine's day cards for kids butterfly lollipops template printable to make for friends at school

Make as many easy Valentines as you need for the whole classroom. These cute DIY lollipop Valentine cards are small enough to fit great in any Valentine’s Day box at school. You can even make one for the teacher.

There are plenty of lollipop options to make this an extra sweet Valentine: tootsie pops, caramel apple lollipops, dum dums, heart lollipop candies, etc. 

I have lots more free printable Valentine cards you can check out:

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