10 Creative Kids Valentines Cards Ideas with Printables

My girls have always loved the tradition to give (and receive) a whole bunch of kids’ Valentines cards with little gifts on Valentine’s day.

This is usually done at school and I love how the teacher often had them decorate a box with their name on it. That box also makes it easy to carry all their loot back home.

creative kids valentines cards for school for friends valentine's day printables free Press Print Party!

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This post includes all the kids’ Valentine’s day card ideas that use printables that I’ve created over the years. As I make more I’ll add them to this list too.

Some are free in the downloads library and some are available in the shop. In any case, they’re all available as an instant download on this site.

Of course, you could just pick up generic kids Valentine’s cards at the store. But these printables make an easy personalized homemade gift for school friends for Valentine’s day.

Whether you are looking for a Valentine for a girl, a boy, a non-candy Valentine, or something clever, I think you’ll love how creative all of these kids’ Valentine cards are.

Fun Pencil Toppers for Valentine’s Day

DIY Valentine's day printable pencil toppers - Valentines day gift classroom - Press Print Party!

Pencils are available aplenty at the dollar store and these fun free pencil flag printables with little puns will make them shine for sure.

Spread Love Not Germs Valentine Tags

spread love not germs valentines day card printable for kids for school Press Print Party

Individual hand sanitizers have become the new must-have-on-hand items. Encourage kids to clean up those germy hands and make it a little more fun with these cute Spread Love Not Germs tags. You’ll get both sizes in the listing.

Among Us Valentine Cards with lollipop

Among us Valentines card and sticker.

Among Us is a game that has taken the online space by storm. If your kids play it, you know exactly what I’m taking about. Each player is a little astronaut playing in groups trying to figure out which astronaut is The Impostor. For “crewmates” to win you have to complete a number of task or vote out The Imposter; or if you’re The Imposter, you have to kill the crewmates. Either way, they’re pretty cute.

You’re the Bomb Valentine!

bath bomb valentines day tag for kids you're the bomb happy valentines day Press Print Party

These free bath bombs Valentine’s day tags are super cute for older kids to give. They’d make a great gift from a teen or tween girl who also can make the bath bombs herself.

I’m a lucky duck to have a friend like you!

I'm a lucky duck to have a friend like you. creative valentines day kids cards for school press print party

Available with pink or blue accents young children will love getting these adorable ducks for Valentine’s day. I got mine in a pack at the Dollar Store but you can also find great novelty rubber ducks online. The listing includes all 3 sizes.

Milk Straw Valentine’s Day Card

you moove me kids valentines card printable for school Press Print Party

Be original and give out milk straws as little gifts for Valentine’s day. Boys and girls will love them and the parents will marvel at your cleverness. The Milk straw Valentine’s day card is a free download on this blog.

I wheelie like you!

I wheelie like you valentine with pullback cars. creative valentines day kids cards for school press print party

What kid doesn’t love pullback cars? Make this fun and inexpensive toy into a cute “I wheelie like you” card for Valentine’s day for the whole classroom.

You’re the Balm Valentine!

Free EOS Balm Valentine's Day Card Printables - By Press Print Party!

Does your kid love comics? Then this free Eos Balm Valentine’s day card is for you. Eos balms are a little bit on the pricy side, but the kids will love them and they make great gifts for older kids and teens.

“You Warm my Heart” Valentine Tags

You warm my heart valentine day card for kids Press Print Party

I think these little “You warm my heart” Valentine’s day tags are so cute. They’d work great with a box of conversation hearts or any spicy candy, like Red Hots.

Turn Lollipops into Butterflies for Valentine

Cute free printable valentine's day cards for kids butterfly lollipops template printable to make for friends at school

This easy Valentine’s day craft for kids, transforms into a fun gift for all their friends. I can see kids making these Valentine’s butterfly lollipops fly all over the room. The butterfly lollipop Valentine’s day cards are free to download and print in the downloads library.

You can go check out each free Valentine’s day card post for instructions on how to use them and lots more ideas. Or you can go check out the Valentine’s day printable shop where I have lots more items like Valentine’s day coupons and fun coffee bar printables.

If you need more ideas for your kid’s Valentine’s day cards I also have a great round-up post of no-candy Valentines from around the web.

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