Organic Balloon Garland DIY Basics

A stunning organic balloon garland doesn’t have to be difficult. 

In fact, it’s actually super easy. It just looks hard to make. Once you’ve made one balloon garland, you’ll find it so simple that no one will be able to keep you from making a garland or two for every occasion.

GarlandBasicsOrganicBalloonjust balloons and a string

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The fantastic thing about an organic balloon garland it that it’s ORGANIC! (No, not the free range, fair trade, locally sourced kind. The somewhat unpredictable, purposely imperfect kind.)  No need for balloon sizing or keeping track of what colors you put where! The unplanned look really is stunning and when people see your work they’ll think you’re a party genius!


Materials you need for your DIY Balloon Garland

All you need are balloons and a string. I swear! You don’t need balloon tape and you don’t need a fancy, expensive kit.

Well, you’ll need air to fill the balloons. And I’d recommend not doing that with your lungs… The best way is to use a dual nozzle balloon pump.

I like the dual nozzle balloon pump as opposed to a single nozzle pump because you’ll be able to fill 2 balloons at once and tie them together right away.

No need to tie each balloon individually, and then together.

That will save you so much time!!!!

Now you need balloons. Any will do. 9″ and 12″ are standard sizes but you could add some 5″ in there for variation. I typically buy 12″ balloons and inflate them randomly in different sizes to achieve the “organic” look.

Although there are specific brands out there that are loved by balloon connoisseurs, unless you need your garland to last for 3 weeks, the balloons at the dollar store will do just fine. The pro brands are Sempertex, Qualatex, and Betallatex but you really don’t need them.

I typically either buy balloons from Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart, or my local party store.

You’ll also need a long string. I use clear fishing line but you can use curling ribbon just as well. (Be sure to choose a color that will blend in with the balloons).

Choose your balloon colors

The secret is to use the theme colors of your party in your balloon garland so that they both match. I like to choose 3-5 colors to coordinate my party theme

Below you’ll find 4 examples of parties with balloon garlands in different color schemes. I have on average 3 colors per garland except for the 80’s theme which was much more wild!

You could even choose 3 shades of the same color for a more subdued, elegant look.

In any case, roughly equal numbers of 3 colors works great.

organic balloon garland diy tutorial how to make Christmas balloon garland basics. Press Print Party

How Many balloons do you need?

It took 100 balloons to achieve the long tall balloon arch look in the Christmas garland above. The smaller balloon arches may take anywhere from 50 to 75 balloons. The number will vary depending on how long you want your garland to be and how tight you make it.

I find that 10 balloons make about 2 feet of garland. So plan accordingly.

I’d have more balloons available than you think you’ll need. Just stop adding balloons when you have the length of garland that you want. 

organic balloon garland diy tutorial how to make balloon garland just balloons and a string. Press Print Party

How to make your balloon garland

Finally, how do you make the darn thing?

I’d recommend watching the video that shows how I made the long Christmas balloon garland so you can understand the basics. Visual instructions are also available below. The key is to master the tying motion. Once you have that down you’ll be a balloon garland making master.

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Step 1: Inflate any 2 balloons at once with the double air pump and tie them together tight. The sizes don’t matter. The balloons don’t all have to be inflated to the same size. Actually it’s better if they’re not. Inflate one big and one small, one small and one medium. Mix sizes and colors in no predictable manner. That’s why it’s organic!

Organic Balloon garland diy tutorial step 1 - Press Print Party!

Repeat making balloon pairs until you have what you think is enough. (Again that will depend on what you’re trying to accomplish. You can always inflate some more if you don’t have enough).

Step 2: Tie your string (or fishing line) to one of the balloon pairs.

Organic Balloon garland diy tutorial step 2- Press Print Party!

Step 3: Take another balloon pair and place it 90 degrees on top of the first one.

Organic Balloon garland diy tutorial step3 - Press Print Party!

Step 4: With your string, go over and under one of the top balloons.

Organic Balloon garland diy tutorial step4 - Press Print Party!

Step 5: Then over and under one of the bottom balloons, then back up in a figure 8 manner. Once you get this figure 8 motion you’re golden. So take your time and get it right.

Organic Balloon garland diy tutorial step 6

Organic Balloon garland diy tutorial step4 - Press Print Party!


Step 6: Pull somewhat tight and repeat until you have the length of garland you desire. Pulling too tight will result in a big, messy ball. The string needs some slack to account for the size of the balloons. You’ll get the hang of it. Tie the string to the last balloon pair at the end and cut it.

How tight you make your garland is up to you. If you don’t have tons of balloons, go with a somewhat loose garland. (Too loose and you might lose balloon pairs though). If you want it super full, go tighter. If you feel you’ve done it too lose, you can always add more balloon pairs anywhere they’re needed to make your garland fuller. Just twist them around another balloon. 

Oh baby banner woodalnd theme baby shower forest animals. with organic balloon garland in orange, gold, green, and white. White wood backdrop. Woodland animals Baby Shower Theme with woodland creatures and forest animals party supplies. Woodland decoration girl baby shower ideas. Can be used for woodland birthday party. Rustic forest animals with flowers and antlers. Fox baby shower, Deer baby shower.

How to add accent balloons to match your party theme

You can also add confetti balloons, Mylar balloons, or any kind of specialty balloon as accents to your garland. But those balloons are best added at the end, once the garland is made and maybe even attached to the wall.

The easiest thing to do is to tie your accent balloons to a small regular balloon and twist it around another balloon anywhere on the garland.

You can also attach a paper clip to the end of the accent balloon and attach it to the string or another balloon.

Another option is to use balloon glue dots to secure the accent balloons.

If you want your accent balloons to face a certain way, then a combination of tying and balloon dots would be the best.

How to attach your balloon garland

The simplest way is to attach it to a wall with removable Command hooks and extra fishing line. I built a PVC frame for my backgrounds and attached the garland to that with fishing line too.

Balloon dots are great to attach balloons to each other but won’t last very long on the wall. You could use U-Glue tape, which will last longer.

organic balloon garland diy tutorial how to make balloon garland just balloons and a string. Press Print Party

How long will my balloon garland last?

Honestly, it will depend on the quality of your balloons. But if tied well, even the cheapest balloons will last at least a 24 hours, and more likely 3 or 4 days. The better balloons brands will last up to 3 weeks!

This is a great decoration to make 1 to 3 days before the party when things are a bit calmer and more peaceful.

Once you master the basics you can hone your skills, if you like, and make much more elaborate balloon garlands. I’d recommend the “Ask me for a balloon” YouTube channel for some great balloon decoration tutorials. 

However, this basic garland is a fantastic way to easily DIY your own amazing party at home and to feel like a party decorating pro! Learn more about party planning and decorating and all my DIY party tips:

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organic balloon garland diy tutorial how to make balloon garland just balloons and a string. Press Print Party

organic balloon garland diy tutorial how to make balloon garland just balloons and a string. Press Print Party
organic balloon garland diy tutorial how to make balloon garland just balloons and a string. Press Print Party

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